We have had the chance to meet and interview the Spanish post-metal duo Purpura during their concert in Liège organized by Shattered Booking. Read the interview to learn more about this great band.

How would you introduce yourselves to people who don’t know you ?

Adria: We like to play and listen to dark and ambient sounds.

Manuel: The majority of our songs are instrumental. We use vocal parts as a guide for the people. Our music is not very focused on one voice, it’s more instrumental dark and dense music.

How do you deal with the fact that you are only two on stage ?

Manuel: Well it is perfect for us. I mean being just us two is the easiest way to make music because we loose all the problems that come when you have people who doesn’t share the same point of view than us.

Adria: Yes, because we both share the same point of view about music. So, for us this is perfect because we understand each other.

Manuel: We don’t need more people to make our music, we feel it is good like that.

What can you tell me about the underground metal scene in Spain ?

Adria : It’s difficult in Spain and when you are touring around Europe, you can see that in our country we don’t have the same help for the underground bands. Now some festivals are promoting underground music like Resurrection Fest which has a stage dedicated to this kind of music.

In Spain you have collectives, promoters and venues but it’s not the same than in France in Germany in Belgium. Here in North Europe or Central Europe, you have more people, more collectives, more venues and more support.

Manuel: When you go out of Spain you realize that there is a lot of support out there. In Spain, you have to work hard and always try to find venues and contacts. Here in Europe, it’s easier to find dates and so on.

Adria: In Spain, you have to pay the venue to play somewhere and here it’s not the same.

And what about the audience, are there many people who likes “post” music in Spain or not so much ?

Manuel: Not as many as here in Belgium or in Europe but there are people who like us and support us in Spain.

Adria: I think also that there are many people, but they don’t have the possibility to support us and to go to shows because there are not so many concerts of this kind of music in Spain.

I’ve seen a picture on your Facebook page which announced a European tour, a new album and your collaboration with Wombat booking. What can you tell me about those three things ?

Manuel: About the European tour, well, here we are. We started on the second of April. Everything is going on very well so far.

Adria: we’ve seen very good places, amazing people, the audience, the people from the collectives, the promoters… We are very happy about this tour because we have twenty-two dates. From now, it’s going very well.

Manuel: We are receiving huge support from everyone.

Okay, what about the new album?

Adria: We are in the composition and I think I can say that it will be a denser, more atmospheric and darker.

Manuel: We started like four months ago maybe, but we had to delay the release and the composition because of the tour but when we are back to Spain we are going to continue composing and we are going to try to finish it for the end of the year.

Manuel: We are playing one song from the new album during this tour.

Adria: We are thinking about releasing this new album in October or November maybe.

And what about your collaboration Wombat booking. How is it going so far ?

Adria: Well we started this collaboration with Wombat booking a few months ago so we cannot really say much about it.

Is it the first time you work with a booking agency like that ?

Adria: Well we have a label Nooirax Producciones but we were thinking about having a booking agency because I really need help with the booking and promotion stuff because it’s hard work and for me and it’s easier to have some support.

If you had to recommend one band to our readers what would it be ?

Manuel: I really like Russian Circles.

Adria: Yeah, Russian Circles, it is the band in our kind of music that we like to listen to but for me my favourite band is Deftones. Inside our kind of music, Isis, Pelican or Amenra… I can say many bands. We listen to many different kinds of music, not just metal or rock.

What was your favourite album of 2018?

Adria: It is Mass VI by Amenra.

Manuel: I don’t know, really. I have to think about it.

What is your favourite thing about your band ?

Adria: We like to be on tour.

Manuel: When we are on tour, we like to compose and when we are composing, we like to go on tour. We enjoy both things.

I leave you now the last word of the interview.

Adria: We just want to say thank you.

Manuel: Yeah thank you and thanks to everyone who are helping us in this tour and who are supporting us from every part of Europe and the world maybe.

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