Can you describe us the band ?

We started in 2010 with the goal of playing a melodic kind of aggressive music. Me and Ruben were the first members of the band and we started looking for other musicians, that was in 2007. And then, along the way the band was born, and the first line-up was with Pepijn and Floris and we came to an agreement that we wanted to play a kind of melodic death metal with metalcore influences. For me, it was really important to write about the concept of the job I’m doing. I’m a social worker with girls between the age of 12 and 18. So for it was really important to talk about my work in the lyrics. Actually, Reject the Sickness is a kind of a conceptual thing.

How would you describe your sound ?

Now with the new line-up it has a little bit changed but I think you hear a lot of melodic death metal. In the beginning you could find influences like At the Gates or All Shall Perish, the music we really liked at that time. Now it has a little bit more of a modern touch. The main sound is melodic death and metalcore.

Could tell me a little bit more about “The Weight of Silence”?

This album came out in March 2018. The first thing that we wanted to do at that time was to record an album that was really organic. We almost recorded it in a “live” way which means that all the drums you hear are “one or two take drums”, they are not over processed. It was really important to us to go back to the essence of our music, to see what we could do and at that time it looked a great idea to do that. The mixing and the mastering were as organic as possible too. We have now a new Ep ready and we will play one track of it tonight. It will come out in February.

What are your projects for 2019 ?

First of all, we have just finished the new Ep which is called “The New Chapter” because we have new members in the band. It is also to present our new way, how we look to Reject the Sickness in 2019. In March we will finish up on a Death project, Antichrist Magazine was looking for bands who wanted to cover Death songs, we choose Suicide Machine by Death because also the lyrics are very cool. It’s about people who want to decide when their live is over. Then, I hope that we’ll make another EP until the end of the year. I think you have to stay very productive because we’re living in a society where everything goes very fast. We’re not sure if we’re ever going to do full-CDs again because we have put so much money and effort in “The Weight of Silence” and “Chains of Solitude” and then you that after a few weeks, it’s almost gone. So, I think it’s better as a band, for us to focus on 1,2,3 or 4 songs at the same time and release that with a cool video.

What do you think of the metal scene in Belgium ?

I think that there are a lot of bands and I think that in general bands in Belgium are really great. Not everybody likes to listen to Belgian bands, because, I don’t know, people listen more to other bands from other countries, but I think we have very good skilled musicians and very good bands and maybe that’s why it’s a bit difficult for the public to find those bands. You know, I had never heard of the Damned Soul Fest before we got in contact. It’s like the first time we play in this area, so for us, it is really cool, but we had no idea of what it would be. When we arrived, we saw all the people and we found it really cool.

We are not a beginning band anymore so it’s a little easier to get decent gigs, but I think it’s hard to get good gigs when you begin.

When I was 16 years old and I went to concert in Isegem, the place was full week after week. It’s not like that anymore.

What would be your dream concert ? With whom and where ?

We have played at the Graspop in 2016 and that was a dream come true.

Last year we played at Metal Days on the smaller stage. This year we will go back there to play on the bigger stage. So that’s also a dream coming true.

As band you have to set goals and one of those goals is get back to the Graspop in the Metal Dom, doing a cool tour, getting a label that is really interested in our music and that wants to put effort and money in the band. Now the band almost pay for everything and I think that this is a problem for other bands too, they have to put their money into their project with not seeing back their money.
One of my dreams would be to play with Gojira in the AB but playing gigs like tonight is cool too. I’ll give 100% tonight and getting on stage and perform that’s for the coolest thing.

Have you got a funny anecdote to tell us ?

We went on our UK tour in 2015 and it was the worst tour a band could ever have. We were at Flaming Arts at that time and we had saved a lot of money to put in a really big management thing. Flaming Arts would fix a tour for us. We get all our stuff together, we go to England. The first thing we arrive is almost someone’s living room, a small pub. On the other hand, on that tour, we played in the Alma Inn which is a very small but very famous club over there so that made the whole tour ok.

If you had to choose your album of the year 2018, what would it be ?

I would recommend the new cd from Monstrosity, I think it was really good. I’m also a fan of old-school heavy metal from the 80’s and I found all the LP’s from Acid, a Belgian cult band. I would recommend them to everybody. Go check them out because they were one of the fundaments of Belgian Metal.

What advice could you give to bands who begin ?

Work hard, believe in your own music. Practice a lot, it’s very important that you stand out, that you can show some decent skills. Like your bandmates, don’t talk shit out when there are things going on with the band. Save a lot of money because you’ll need it if you are to do cool things for the band.

Any last word to our readers ?

I think that’s important that we take care of each other. One thing I want to say is that sometimes, wherever you live, I say this as a social worker, you cannot imagine what people are living, next door there are maybe young kids who struggle their all life because their mother or their father does not give them the right attention, or they were sexually abused or whatever hard things that happen to them. Don’t close your eyes to that, know that perhaps in your street, people are in need. Try to help or open your heart for people like that.

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