During their concert at Garage Creative Music, we met and interviewed the original post-metal duo Rope & Bones. I advise you to take a look at their Facebook page and listen to them on their Bandcamp page.

What is behind “Rope & Bones”?

Vincent : Actually, when I thought about the band, I thought about a rather dark imagery. So, I was at a King Dude concert and the name of the band “Rope & Bones” came to my mind. I do not know why, I do not know how, but I thought it was great. Since we are a duo, I was looking for a duality in the name.

How would you introduce yourself to people who have never seen or heard you?

Vincent : We are a duo who plays a kind of post-metal that is relatively slow and original. We search for originality, we try to do something that has not been done or heard before, without pretension of course.

Brice : That’s why we have a little noise and prog sound. It’s mixed with a cry that comes from the heart, far from the microphone. We try to find other atmospheres that may have already been created but never in a mix. I think we have a pretty personal style.

And what kind of people can be attracted by your project? What are your influences ?

Brice : We have so many different influences that finally end up in what we do …

Vincent : I do not know exactly. It would be bands like Cult Of Luna.

Brice : These are also names that come to mind like this: Cult Of Luna, Isis and slow things like that. Maybe as the new band of the guy from Isis, Sumac. It’s really slow but more convoluted than Isis, really weird. The atmosphere can sometimes be more hardcore or a little black in our songs. There is something for everyone eventually, everyone can love us.

Vincent : All our songs still have something in common. I do not really know what, but there is a binder. I think we will be able to talk about it when we have played them even more.

What are you trying to convey when you’re on stage? Is there a particular message that you want to convey?

Vincent : I would say that I make music for me, mainly. And if I can be the one to stirr things up into other people’s mind, that’s cool. I try to express what I feel on the moment because lyrics speaking I improvise a lot.

Brice : There is not much singing and there is not really any concrete message to convey.

Vincent : It’s more an emotion that cannot be mastered.

Brice : It really goes from melancholy to rage. I try to feel what I play.

Vincent : Yes it is true that it is a mixture of melancholy and rage. We do not know yet how it sounds for the others.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Vincent : We are a very young band. We worked together more than a year ago. Here we started again a few weeks ago. The next concert will be at the Kultura for the music festival in June. We will record an album and a clip. We will make the music we want to make and we will see where it takes us.

An album or a band that particularly means something to you and that you would like to share with us?

Vincent : A band that I could listen to until the end of my life is Envy, it’s a Japanese band. It is absolutely necessary to listen to this. It’s post-rock band with a screaming voice and sometimes sung very softly, all in Japanese. We do not understand anything but the emotion that is conveyed, the sadness that is in there is very intense. I think if I ever found myself on an island, that’s what I’d like to listen to.

It’s not easy to listen to, I rarely listen to an entire album because it’s still hard to listen. But I think that if I ever had to listen to anything else, that would be it.

Brice : My last big discovery is a Belgian band, well, Flemish because the Flemish scene is much more fertile. There are things that stand out without mentioning Amenra because they do not need to be talked about. There is Wiegedood that I discovered a few months ago and this is awesome. A little less violent is a band called Steak Number Eight, I love them, it’s the big revelation of the last years for me. So here I wanted to talk about the Belgian scene. There are many good things happening in Belgium that mark me and that affect me more than others.

I leave you now the last word of the interview.

Vincent : Stay tuned because we will work hard to make it good.

Brice : Just come see us, because today it was cool but we were not a lot.

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Picture by Rope & Bones