We had the pleasure to meet Dave from Saint Vitus and to spend some time with him in order to ask him a few questions about the band.

How would you define or introduce Saint Vitus to people who don’t know you ?

Well I guess the classic thing to say would be doom metal because that’s what people call us. I prefer saying that we’re just a heavy metal band because we do play fast kind of punky stuff too. I guess just to get someone nowadays I’d say doom metal because people know what that is.

How do you feel about playing here in Belgium?

It’s nice, we’ve done Belgium a lot of times. It’s like really cool. I’m glad we’re not playing outside today because it’s snowing.

Do you see any differences between Europe and the USA when you play there ?

Europe usually has bigger crowds but now not that much. Back when we started there was a big difference because when we first came to Europe in 1989, we had big crowds and at that time in America, nobody was there. So that was a big difference. Now you know Americans tend to do metal and everything so it’s pretty balanced depending on where you go.

I’ve heard that European festivals like here were different from the American shows, do you agree ?

I can’t even think of one festival in the US to tell you the name of. Once in a while you’ll see something it would be big like. I live in New Orleans and every year on Halloween we have Voodoo Fest and that’s a big event. And then in December there’s Jazz fest but when I lived in California, I never heard of those two. We used to go to what you would call a festival now, but we just called it a show in a baseball stadium. There’d be like five bands.

If you had to recommend bands or albums to start to dig in to doom metal, what would you advice ?

If they want to see what we were about. I would tell them to listen to our albums Die Healing and Lillie: F-65. I think those are the two for someone who’s never heard us because they get both singers. But if they don’t count us and they wonder about you doom metal, I would say Candlemas old or early Trouble and yeah that’s pretty much. It wasn’t really much doom metal going around at that time and Black Sabbath of course but most people already know Black Sabbath anyway.

What is your favourite place to play ?

The small places are good because it’s intimate and you’re right on top of the crowd they’re right on top of you. If I’m going to play a big outside thing like let’s say Hellfest or something, I would prefer to play in the afternoon or evening rather than way late at night because there’s nothing to do if you’re in a band. It’s just too long of a wait. I hate being the headliner because I know I’m here at noon and we come on at twelve. This sucks. I’d rather get out in the afternoon. And then you can go and hang out with people.

Is there still something you wish to accomplish with the band ?

I’d like to be able to just do the band and not have to work my job at home because all of us when we leave, we have to go back to regular jobs. I’d rather not do that but everything else, it has been beyond my expectations. I played to more people than I ever thought I would. I never thought we’d be around this long and have these many records. So yeah if we can just exist of music, they’d be the only thing missing I think really.

What are the plans for 2019 ?

We don’t have any. We don’t do that. We go step by step. So, our plan right now is to finish this tour and then the record doesn’t come until May 17. So, after that then obviously something has to come about. As long as everybody’s healthy and can do it. So, we just do it step by step. I think for sure; we’ll have to do something for the record. I’m thinking that we’re going to do America before we come back to Europe because we’re here now. People need to digest the record and stuff. That would be the ideal thing.

I leave you the last word of the interview.

Obviously, I want people to buy the new record it will be out on May 17. It’s called St Vitus and if anybody is wondering about that it’s because that’s what we are. We don’t need to say anything else. And right now, you can do the Internet streaming and you can hear two songs for sure: 12 Years In The Tomb and Bloodshed.

I think the song Useless is going to be out soon and one person told me that he was able to listen to the whole album online which I didn’t know you could but he told me “Oh I love this song” and I’m like “How do you know that song ?” So, that’s really weird. But still and he’s a super good friend.

Most of the people that have interviewed me, have the record from the record label. So, they can talk about other songs and so. So yeah that’s a bit confusing. The only thing I could possibly think of would be maybe somewhere there is a photo of the back of the record and it tells the song titles but how would he know that’s the only real slow long song on the whole record. So that’s what trip me up. It’s interesting.

I guess in closing when we want to thank everybody who’s stuck with us for 40 years that’s a long time. So, it’s like really cool. That’s why we keep doing it because of the people. If people didn’t like us there’d be no point. So, thank you all.

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