So, you are qualified as a Hellenic Black Metal Band, do you agree with that ?

All right let’s say yes ! Ok, but still you know, I think that Rotting Christ is not only a Hellenic band, it is a worldwide band because we’re touring all around the world, we come from Greece, but we have a name all around the world. So, let’s say all right, I can agree with that !

In your opinion what makes thus Hellenic Black Metal a genre on itself ?

Because it is a different approach of Black Metal. It’s more melodic, more atmospheric maybe more epic sometimes. That makes the difference a little bit from the North but this is practically the same.

You’ve a got a quite long career since 1987. I wanted to know your impressions about the path you’ve followed since the beginning of Rotting Christ.

You know, if something does not evolve, if there is no evolution it dies. What means that we also evolved as a band, in our sound. But still, we keep the main ideas, the atmosphere which is dark.

There was also a material evolution. We started that 30 years ago, so you can imagine that we had no digital access to anything. We didn’t even have phones ! So, you know, we had a different way of approaching things.

But still, the spirit is the same and we are here after 30 years, still NON SERVIAM.

Were the 90’s better than 2018 to play Black Metal?

When something is born, it’s better. Well of course nowadays, they are things like sounds are better, you know blabla. But still you know I think that sometimes the primitive era is better because it was more humanistic and for me it’s very important.

If you could change one thing to the musical world/industry, what would it be ?

Let’s say egoism, that’s all. People must think more about the community of metal instead of thinking about their bands and themselves. Like when we started. Now they are things about bands, money, numbers and that’s not how I see it.

So, do you think that the metalheads represent a whole community or do you think that there are different communities among them ?

It’s a community in general I think and of course it is divided into Black, Death, blabla. But you know it is Metal and whatever the guys play, they have seen exactly the same people, the same places, the same dress code which means that we are a kind of community.

You’ve suffered from discrimination, because of, among other things, the name of your band “Rotting Christ”. Black Metal bands tend to be criticised, what do you think about that ?

Sometimes, it annoys us, it’s a problem but on the other hand this is the way we chose. We cannot go back now ! Black metal was born to be a pain in the arse. So, we are in 2018 we still see many close-minded people around the world, but we are always there to play our music because arts would be as free as possible.

What do you think about festivals which are deleting bands like yours because of whatever reason they have ?

Well, even we are abandoned by some festivals or so, we are here frontline in the battlefield, playing our music in front of the people. It matters but you know for us, we don’t care. That matters because you know, it’s publicity when your play at a festival.

What do you think about bands who are commercialising their image through other things than casual merchandising ?

Well, I don’t want to do that. We were also sometimes proposed to have G-strings, but we said no.

Of course, everyone has the right to do whatever he wants. History will see if they do it well or not.

Personally, I try to keep the band on the grounds even if I face problems. We live in a very commercialised society and what can I do for that ? You know when you’re playing in a band, you’re never very rich but at least our goal is to get to pay our bills keep on doing this. And this is maybe what they try sometimes by getting commercialised.

So, ok but don’t you think it is a bit going against the spirit of Black Metal ?

Yes of course it goes against it.

What is your best stage memory, if there is one to name ?

Too many, to choose. I’ve played all around the world and in front of different people. For me, it’s a special experience every day. Playing South America for me is always more intense.

What is then your worst stage memory ?

I remember we played once in Brazil in Amazonia, but it was too hot. We almost died that day. It was one of the worst experiences for us as a band because you know it was really too hot and there was no A/C and we felt like we could fall down at any time.

And did you do all the show ?

We did, of course. We also got arrested two months ago in Georgia. They arrested us in the airport and we don’t know why. We spend one day in jail and it was a bad experience too.

Does a Black Metal band have funny facts to tell ? If so, what could you tell us ?

Too many on the road. We’re are touring with like 23 people. You can imagine that every night is a kind of party but if you can afford that it’s okay. If you don’t, you go upstairs to sleep.

“Rituals” was released in 2016. What’s next for Rotting Christ ?

In three months from now, we’re going to have a new album.

What can you tell us about it ?

It’s called “The Heretics” with brand new songs but we’ll soon provide trailers.

Any last words to our readers ?

Till the end, NON SERVIAM

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