Can you first introduce the band?

Maxime: We come from two old bands that came together from Mons. These two bands have ended, so we decided to set up a new band together and that is how Blackest Sunset was born.

Were the universes of the two former bands similar to this one or not ?

Maxime: It was more or less in the same “vibe” I would say, between death metal and metalcore.

You are qualified as blackened deathcore band, do you agree with that?

Maxime: Some of us have black metal influences that is to be seen in particular in some riffs.

Would you like to bring more black metal riffs into your compositions?

Maxime: Yeah it can be nice, a black riff from time to time in a piece of death, I find it cool. These are two styles that can really work together.

What do you plan for 2019 ?

Alexandre: The biggest change is our singer. Mors who sang on our last album “Kingdom of Sorrow” went to live in England and so we had to replace him. We are now playing with Wim Jacobs who was playing in “Crimson Falls” and there we will focus on some songs with him, maybe clips but not necessarily an album.

Maxime: Our main goal in the immediate future is to record one or two songs and clip them thanks to self-production.

What do you think about playing in festivals like Damned Soul?

Maxime: I find that very good. In addition it is a very nice place, as I love nature, it is perfect, living in Mons, it changes, it’s nice. People are very friendly, we see new faces.

Alexandre: We were surprised by the amount of people at that time.

Maxime: We played pretty early and we were pleasantly surprised.

Alexandre: If we played in Mons so early, I’m not going to say that there will be nobody but, very few people. So we started on a negative basis because we played early but when we saw all the people when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised.

What themes do you cover in your music?

Maxime: With our former singer it was rather depressing lyrics.

In the future, would you like to continue with these kinds of themes?

Alexandre: Yes, because it’s an atmosphere we like.

What would be your dream concert?

Maxime: I would say Behemoth.

If you could change one thing in the metal scene in Belgium what would it be?

Alexandre: That there are fewer concerts. Where we come from, there are sometimes two concerts the same day.

Julien: I would say more rooms to do more activities in fact.

Maxime: There are a lot of concerts and it’s overloaded with small concerts, not all the time well organized. And it may be demotivating people to go to concerts. Ten years ago, there was something like two metal concerts a year in Mons, and there were 500 maybe 1000 persons, but it was quality. I prefer quality over quantity.

A last word to our readers?

Maxime: Come to see us, buy a T-shirt, buy an album. Come to the concerts.

Julien: Keep bringing the bands and the stage alive.

Wim: As they said, there are many more concerts but fewer audience because there are so many people who are too lazy to get around. Before, people moved more even though the bands were not exceptional. Now the bands have become better but there are fewer people.
In Flanders, people go to big concerts but they go less to DIY festivals like here. Before, it was the opposite.
I think that bands must continue to play to attract as many people as possible and make them want to come back.

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