During the Brutality Over Belgium, Metal Overload was able to meet the Czech grindcore band Carnal Diafragma. They told us about them, about their plans for 2019 and some completely crazy anecdotes.

Can you introduce us the band in a few words ?

David: Well, we are a goregrind or old school grindcore band from Ostrava in Czech Republic. We’ve been playing for 22 years, since 1997.

On your Facebook page, you describe yourselves as an “animal grindcore band”. Can you explain to me the animal thing ?

David: We don’t have any lyrics so, we say that our vocals are like animals singing. It’s like animal music we like from a zoo veterinary clinic *laugh*. To be honest it was an idea for our singer okay. Well, he was a little bit strange you know, and he perceived the world in a very strange way. But we like the idea of animal music.

Do you see any differences between your homeland’s local scene and the countries you go to ?

Lukáš: I think it depends. If you ask about the grindcore scene, I think Czech Republic is really great about it. I think we have a lot of bands playing grindcore and some of them even belong to the world scene of grindcore and I think we can be proud of it. In other music style like death metal I think it’s not so popular as I see it.

David: And if you ask about the Czech scene, I would say that Czech bands are very friendly and helpful to each other. We are all friends, we know each other really. There is not much competition like in other countries.

What is the point of your music, what do you want to tell people ?

David: So basically, we want to entertain people and we want them to have fun, to dance, to get crazy, to enjoy the show.

Lukáš: To forget about their problems in their private life

David: So, for us music is fun and there is no serious message. We are not involved in politics for example or some social problems. The titles of our songs are just the jokes.

What are your plans for 2019 ?

David: Well so we are going to release a split 7 inches with one band but it’s not sure yet. Our material is ready, we’ve already recorded it and the other band will be a surprise.

Lukáš: It’s a big name but we can’t tell anything.

David: We have booked some gigs for this year. We usually play one gig a month which is enough for us because they have families.

What is your best stage memory ?

David: A long time ago we played a gig. It was in a railway station pub where there were about 20 people and 15 out of them were members of bands playing there. Our ex-drummer got really drunk with some old couple who came to the gig and they wanted to take him home and we still don’t know why.

He was kissing the woman and the man was buying him more drinks getting him more drunk. We basically grabbed him and took him to the train because at the time with this we used to travel by train. It was fun because he was completely wasted so, we had to grab his hands and his feet and carry him from train to train. So, that was probably the best gig ever.

A more serious one is probably the Obscene Extreme festival.

Lukáš: It’s a highlight for every band to play at the Obscene Extreme. I think it is one of the biggest points in everyone’s career. I mean grindcore career.

David: Maybe the gig in Portugal. We played once in Portugal and it was really crazy. We played like for two hours repeating some of the songs again and again because of the people didn’t let us leave the stage.

Last year we went on a tour in Mexico and it was a really good gig as well. A lot of people, very good atmosphere, people got crazy and it was cool.

What was the craziest thing that happened on stage ?

David: Well a month ago we were playing in Berlin in Germany and he needed to shit. So, in the middle of the gig, he just left the stage we were like: “What the hell is he doing ?” and when he came back, we went on playing.

Another crazy thing happened when we were going to Kiev in Ukraine. Our car broke down and it took you several hours to get it fixed. We got to the club when Rompeprop, the last band of the night was playing its last song. They finished the song and we went directly on stage that. We were extremely lucky that day.

If you could recommend one festival to our readers. Which one would it be ?

Lukáš: Obscene Extreme because I think that this is the best festival of grindcore in the world. I don’t think that there is something better than this.

David: If we are talking about a smaller festival, I would mention Flesh Party in Slovakia. It’s small but there’s a very good atmosphere.

Lukáš: There is also the Brutal Assault but it’s really big and I also really like the Grindhoven festival in Eindhoven. I played there twice.

How do you feel about playing in Belgium tonight ?

Lukáš: I’m looking forward. It’s my first time in Belgium. I’ve been maybe four or five times in Holland but never in Belgium.

I give you the final word of this interview. You can tell whatever you want to our readers.

David: Well, listen to grindcore. Be good to other people and to animals *laughs*. Don’t get old and go to the gigs.

Lukáš: Go to the gigs and support the bands because they are playing for people and when they don’t attend gigs, that’s kind of sad. So, support the scene.

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