Could you describe us “Felo De Se” in a few words ?

Innokenty: Basically it was Joachim’s project, he was the only one to do the whole thing. So he composed all the songs and he released the EP.

Joachim: At the end of 2017, I told myself that I was going to bring this on stage. I found Innokenty (bass) quite easily since we know each other for a long time and I found Lionel (guitar) since we know each other for a long time too. We came across Brice, the drummer who was an excellent discovery. We started the concerts last year in 2018.

How did this transition from “one man band” to full band happen?

Joachim: It was very natural. In a general way I will compose the skeleton of the song, a melody, something of relatively complete. I’ll tell Innok “Here you have the song, do your bass line, enjoy yourself, do what you want”. As long as it stays in the idea of the song … Same for Brice. And for Lionel, he composes a lot of things that he also brings back in repetition. Personally I like this way of composing, it differs from what I do so it brings a little variety and it is not worse.

Innokenty: Yes, I like what he composes too.

About your songs, is there a kind of red string, recurring theme or not at all?

Joachim: Generally, song themes are themes that are important to me or that appeal to me. There are often links to astronomy because I love it. If I take, for example, pieces of the EP, each piece brings a vision, to a certain extent, that I could have of certain aspects of life, of the human being in general. Otherwise I would say that I remain broad enough even if I often tend to bring things back to astronomy or to find links even if there are not. I would say that these are one of the most recurring themes: astronomy and human life.

What are your plans for this new year that has just begun?

Innokenty: Doing lots of gigs.

Joachim: Yes it’s true because finally we’re just starting at that level. We would also really like to record our first album. So it will be a lot of work and quite time consuming but I do not despair, I’m sure we’ll get there.

Innokenty: It’s already on a good way.

I offer you go on tour with any band, which one would it be?

Innokenty: I think I know what you’re going to say.

Joachim: Personally, I would say that the band I would most like to tour with, it has to be Insomnium.

Innokenty: I was expecting something else.

Joachim: Insomnium remains a very big influence in my way of singing, in my way of composing, in a lot of things so I think we would go very well with them on the poster. I know that in addition they are very nice guys. If there were to be a second group, it would be Wolfheart for the same reasons as Insomnium.

What do you think of the metal scene in Liège?

Innokenty: The places where we can do concerts, it is more often at “La Zone” or “Le Garage”. At first I had a priori compared to the garage but the sound is getting better. There is a lot of “core” in Liège or death.

Joachim: on the musical level we also see a lot of folk bands playing with Trikhorn. Of course Wilky organizes a lot of stuff and he is right but I think we really see a lot of folk groups on the scene in Liège in general. It’s pretty funny because some time ago we saw a lot of stoner groups. I quite agree with Innokenty, I have always enjoyed the garage. Already, we are extremely welcome, I think the room is really nice, the sound is good, people are nice. The manager of the room Marc, is really someone super nice and very open. I still regret that a guy like Nicolas Piron had problems with the Reflektor for the 6k Fest. I find it a bit of a shame for a room that was said to be a room where there would be any kind of concerts.

If you could change one thing to improve the metal scene, which one would it be?

Innokenty: Subsidies. That there would be some kind of promotion of the places that organize this kind of concerts, that they would be subsidized or that there would be a help to promote the metal or underground culture in general.

Joachim: It’s true that I remember, even if it’s closed now, there was the “Live Club” in Roture that became Kultura. At the time, with one of my old bands, we wanted to play at the “Live Club” and we were told “oh no no no, we do not make metal, it’s too loud and it’s not family enough “. I found it a shame because in the end, the “Live Club” was rented for free to anybody who wanted to play even groups of covers or others. We wanted to make metal in it and it was not possible. In the end, it was a nice room.

Do you have any advice for other starting bands?

Innokenty: Believe in yourself!

Joachim: I would say that the most important thing is to have a group where everyone gets along well. Here, when I see even when it is sometimes a bit tense between us, we still end up having fun or seeing something that makes sense. Doing something that makes sense is the main thing. Making a band to make a band is not what will make you want to repeat and work together. If you tell yourself: “I’m going to repeat because it makes sense to go there, I know I’m going to do something useful or something that will allow the whole group to progress” that is more motivating!
Innokenty: Enjoying the music you play is something very important. Because if you play in a band but you’re not so fan of what you do, it’s going to be seen visually or in your mood. I think it’s really important to enjoy the music we play.

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