We interviewed the Hungarians Gabor and Levente from Harmed in the backstage of Warzone Metal Fest vs. 6K Fest. Read this interview to find out more about their band.

Could you introduce us Harmed in a few words ?

Levente: We are Harmed from Budapest in Hungary and we play heavy music, metal basically.

How would you define your sound ?

Both: Well, dark, angry, depressing and furious.

What are your inspiration sources for your music ?

Levente: Anything basically.

Gabor: Pretty much music wise everything. Like for me personally it’s experimental electronic music, just noises around myself and just feelings pretty much.

Levente: The inspiration regarding the lyrics, they are mostly personal, things that makes me uncomfortable or things that make me feel angry. It can also be stuffs that happened in the past that I’m still not moved on you know.

How is the local underground and metal scene in your country?

Levente: It is really good. It seems like it’s actually super healthy. It’s much better than it was a couple more years ago. I think people like to go to concerts, people actually go to concerts not only the big ones because I know there are some countries and some places where people only attend the big shows. But no, people usually go out for the smaller ones as well. We have a shitload of venues, a lot of venues that are open for the new acts, new bands and they are very very supportive, I think.

Do you have the same quality (sound, venue, …) as a local band than a big band ?

Gabor: You can actually play the exact same clubs than the big bands. It’s just divided into separate rooms pretty much like small room, a middle room and big hall.

Levente: We have a really cool venue in Hungary it’s called Durer Kert, it’s like a huge complex building, a huge venue where there are like 3 concert rooms but they’re not only metal shows they’re like all kind of electronic, indie, pop. Unfortunately, they’re probably going to shut down the venue end of this year but hopefully not.

Gabor: There are rumours, but we will see what’s next.

And how did you feel about the show in Belgium?

Levente: It was amazing.

Gabor: Yeah, we played super early, but we didn’t expect that much people checking us out. So yes amazing.

Did you feel welcomed here ?

Levente: Yeah, they are super nice, everyone is so cool and helping. The team and everyone working here is a professional. Everyone is going really really smooth, there’s no wasted time here. So, everything is cool.

What’s planned for 2019 ?

Gabor: We want to tour and play as much as we can. We are probably going to release new music as well. I can’t really say what’s happening yet but yeah, we are going to do that.

Where would be your dream tour ?

Levente: Japan with Crystal Lake.

Gabor: I’d like to do Japan with Deftones or Converge.

This is already my last question. I wanted to end with a personal word from you to our readers.

Levente: Ok, so, dear readers support your local scene, support your local bands and do not only go to the big shows, go to the small ones as well because this is fucking important because everyone started somewhere. Even the big ones and go to Warzone festival and read fanzines dude.

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