Can you introduce us the band in a few words ?

USB: We are Hymenotomy which is a slamming brutal death metal band from Estonia. We play fast brutal death metal with some slammy parts, some groovy parts. Well it’s pretty much quite standard brutal death metal with high pitched snare and a really thick sound and a lot of guttural vocals a lot of very different vocals inhale vocal, exhale vocals, pig squeals. So, it’s a mix for everybody who would like Devourment, Cephalotripsy, …

It is your first time in Belgium, how do you feel about playing here ?

USB: Well I like the place, it’s very like underground. We’ve played in bigger festivals too, but I like it more when it’s a smaller venue with less people.

Why did you choose Hymenotomy as name for the band ?

USB: It was thought by our drummer. We originally thought about different names, but they were already used in the death metal genre but Hymenotomy wasn’t used and I thought it was very fitting for this kind of band.

How is the underground scene in your country ?

USB: In Estonia, it’s very small. It’s basically 10 people doing like five bands and I am also in an old school death metal band called Deceitom, Marcus and Aivar are in a band called Baalsebub which is also signed under the same label than Hymenotomy. I would say that yes, the scene is very small.

And what about the venues ?

USB: They are actually very decent. They’re usually pretty well equipped with good gear, but the audience is usually locals. So, it’s always the same crowd that come to shows.

And do they enjoy this kind of music or do they go there because they have nothing else to do ?

USB: Well we are kind of like a “niche” kind of band. So, we don’t really have much of a crowd in our country. We’ve actually never played in Estonia. We’ve only played outside.

What are your plans for 2019 ?

USB: Writing new material for future releases. Currently Aivar and Marcus are busy with Baalsebub’s release. So, we are taking our time for the writing process.

What about concerts or touring ?

USB: Not yet any future plans. They’re usually booked like a year or half a year in advance, but we usually can’t talk about gigs before they’re announced.

If you could play another style of music what would it be ?

USB : I don’t know, maybe blues rock.

And why ?

USB: Yeah, old school rock and blues rock is a very specific kind of music. It’s kind of like dragging, the drummer is never like in time and it has a lot of emotion and I like the dark moody music, I guess.

Aivar: I like electronic music. I think I could enjoy playing dark electronic music.

And what is your personal musical background ?

USB: I like a lot of old school death metal, rally old school stuff like old Death or old Morbid Angel, things like that. I am also very keen about this newer kind of bands, they’re getting more faster ,getting more massive with the sound like Carnal Decay. We played together with them a few times.

Aivar: I listen to dark electronic music ambient. I’m not only into death metal. But I actually have no time to listen to music. Well when I have free time, I’m going to make something else.

USB: I actually wanted to say that too. It’s difficult to find new bands that I would like because I have this huge list of bands that I used to listen to. It’s difficult to find something really new. No, it’s difficult for me to find new music nowadays.

What would be your ultimate concert, with whom and where ?

USB: With Devourment probably and I would say at the Obscene Extreme. I think we would fit there pretty well.

The most important thing for a musician is ?

USB: Musical abilities I think because there are a lot of bands, a lot of musicians who are really overhyped. They don’t really tend to have any musical talent to be honest. I mean they play well but a lot of new bands, they print tons of different merch but they don’t really have any music behind it so I would say it’s the musical ability.

Any last words for our readers ?

USB: Thanks for all the support because we would have never imagined playing in this kind of festivals and that it would go so big. So, I would say big thanks to the worldwide brutal scene and stay sick motherfuckers.

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