Metal Overload took place in the backstage of Warzone Metal Fest vs. 6K Fest last February to interview Jay Evans, Ingested’s singer.

Could you introduce us Ingested in a few words ?

We are Ingested. We are the slam kings of the universe*laugh* That’s all that needs to be said really. We go out there every day and we smash your face into the fucking ground and that’s it *laugh*

Where do you find your inspiration ?

I mean the thing is I write lyrics and also our guitarist some writes lyrics as well so I can’t speak for him where he finds his inspiration from both. When I’m writing lyrics, I take inspiration from what’s going on in my own life really. I find it flows better if I’m writing about something that is very close to home for me.

I write my lyrics very metaphorically, so I know what they mean to me. What somebody else might think, might be completely different because I tried to write them in a vague way so that when you are listening to it means whatever it means to you.

What are the main themes you cover in your songs ?

I’d say a lot of it is about empowerment. So, when we write songs a lot of it might sound narcissistic, might sound like we think we’re better than everybody else blah blah blah and if we want to take it off from it that’s fine. But the way I intend it is that it’s all about self-empowerment. I’m not a religious man. I don’t believe in God or any of it. I think as far as I’m concerned, I’m the god of my own kingdom and I want everybody else who’s listening to our music and reading lyrics to feel that same way like you are in control of your life.

You decide what goes and what doesn’t and that’s it. That’s the way it’s intended but like you can interpret it, whatever it means to you is whatever it means.

How is your music and metal and slam in general received in the UK ?

Slam becomes this big thing now. I say big thing, but it is not massive, we’re not like in the charts or anything like that . It’s got a lot bigger than it was by 10 years ago and we started a reality show shows a live band in our life. When we do a show in London or in Manchester my hometown  it’s always fucking around by absolutely around and the crowd goes mental which I think we love.

Do you see the same thing wherever you go?

Yeah to an extent but I like to think that we are one of the bands at the forefront of the slam genre. Because we don’t do the same four riffs over and over again. That’s why we’re not a boring band. We make sure that everything’s interesting, everything is hard hitting all the time whether that’s the riffs, the drums, the lyrics like all of it is hard hitting in your face all the time.

And I like to think that we’ve changed the slam game. We took slam we turned it on its fucking head. No, you don’t have to play three four acts every single fucking breath. You don’t have to do the same toilet bowl vocals, you don’t have to be boring or do the same boring shit over and over again. We’re showing everybody else that you can do whatever the fuck you want. That’s the beauty of it. You’re in a band make whatever the fuck music you want to hear and if you’re not doing that then fuck you.

What is your favourite Ingested song?

That is a nasty question, I like all of them. What do you mean, they’re all bangers, aren’t they ? I love playing “Better Off Dead” which comes from our latest album “The Level Above Human” which was out last year. I love playing that song live.

And why this one in particular?

Because it’s just sick, it’s just a great song. Everything about it is great: like the lyrics are great, the delivery is great, the riffs are amazing. When we play it live as well, it’s got great intro. The crowd always goes sick and that always makes me feel amazing because if they go sick, I’ve got to go sick.

I used to love playing “Skinned And Fucked”. I still love to play it know but “Better Off Dead” that’s definitely taken over know. I love playing that song live.

You’ve talked about the crowds who is becoming crazy. How did you feel about today? Where the Belgians crazy enough ?

Absolutely, they were crazy enough. They always are although whenever we play Belgium. It’s always a great crowd. That’s why we come back here all the time.

Were you proud of the last wall of death ?

Yeah absolutely. I always have to try and get a wall of death in and Belgium did not disappoint today.

It is there sometimes people who do not really get in to this thing ?

You always get shows which are less “crazy”, you have good shows and you have bad shows but the thing about it is we don’t give a shit whether there’s 10000 people or a hundred people. It does not make a difference to us because the way we look at it is everyone pays the same amount for a ticket. So, we’re going to give you fucking money’s worth. Whether there’s three of you or three thousand, we’re always going to go out there we’re always going to fucking smash your face. That is our only mission.

We don’t care whether people stand at the back with their arms folded or whether they are in the fucking pit hardcore dancing, climbing on the stage and jumping off. It’s like I said on stage today: this is your show. We’re just the entertainment. You’ve paid to come here. So, you do whatever the fuck you want as long as you’re not hurting anybody and you’re enjoying yourselves. That’s all we care about.

You said not hurting anybody. How do you feel about Crowdkill?

I do not like it, I think it is assault really. It is abhorrent to be honest because the thing is like, I’m nearly 32 now and I’ve been around for a while. I used to go to Slayer, Hatebreed or Slipknot gigs and when you fell down in the pit people would pick you up cause we’re a community, we’re all here for the same reason.

If you all stand at the side of the pit , as far as I’m concerned, you’re not in there. If you’re in the pit and you get hit that’s fair game, that’s your own fault for going into the pit. If you’re not I don’t think anybody should be touching you. I think that all these knobheads who are going around twatting people and hitting people who aren’t in the pit are just overcompensating because they have obviously got issues of their own. If you do that, you’re a thug and you’re a dickhead. And as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got no place in our community.

Any bands who acknowledge and support that kind of behaviour are fucking bullshit as well. They can fuck off as well because I don’t like it. It’s fucking bollocks. Any bands who support crowdkilling can suck my dick.

What’s next for 2019 ?

I’m actually in the studio next weekend to do some stuff. I don’t know how much I can say about it *laugh* but we have got a busy 2019 busy. Last year, 2018, was way busy with like 60 shows. This year we got some new shit.

Festivals wise, we would definitely play Summerbreeze but last year we kind of played most of the festivals so won’t play many festivals this year. So, we have all we’ve got heavy touring schedule with the UK, Europe, America maybe some other shit.

So, is there anything you’ve never done with the band yet and you still wish to do ?

Festival wise we’ve not played Hellfest, Wacken, Download. Country wise we’ve not played Asia and Australia yet. So, we want to go to Asia, hopefully, that will be happening soon maybe.

What’s your best stage memory ?

Yeah, it’s difficult. We’ve got some good ones and probably, there’s a couple. So, we played Bloodstock last year and that was mind blowing. We played the second stage and we did the wall of death on “Skinned And Fucked” with five thousand people and that is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen.

Apart from that, we did Rockstadt which is in Transylvania, in Romania. That was an unbelievable live. I think we played the main stage that there were so many people. We just lost our fucking minds and we were just like “Oh my God this is the best thing ever”.

I would say Bloodstock is number one with that wall of death and then Rockstadt in Romania is a close second because that was crazy.

What about the funniest or craziest thing you’ve lived as a band ?

I just remembered. On our last American tour, we played a show in California and my favourite rapper was playing at the same venue on that night. So, we played the small room and then Tech N9ne was playing the big room. We were sound checking some of Tech N9ne’s crew and sound engineers came in to watch our soundcheck and I talked to them after the soundcheck and they were like “Yeah we’ll get you in, we’ll get you into the show. Don’t worry about it, we’ll put you on the guest list.” So, we played our show and it ended just as his show started. So, then I ran to the show and they had put me on the guest list so, I got no problem to watch the whole Tech N9ne show. It was fucking sick. And then as I was leaving, the guys who were on his crew just gave me a fucking free Tech N9ne shirt and I was like “This is the best day of my life”. That’s the craziest shit like that’s ever to me anyway because that’s high. It’s my favourite rapper.

I mean apart from that we played some shows with Crowbar and that was fucking crazy because I am a huge fan. We thought that it was going to be a shit tour for us because we thought “Oh my God Crowbar fans are not going to like us” but we realize that we had to do it because it was Crowbar. So, we did it and then all of the Crowbar fans loved us.

So yeah that’s pretty crazy. Crowbar and Tech N9ne are my crazy moments.

I leave you the last words of this interview. You can tell our readers whatever you want.

Thank you so much to all of our fans coming out to shows, for buying t shirts because that’s what keeps us going. Thank you for buying the album because you managed to get us onto the Billboard chart in America on our latest album which is fantastic. We were in the top 10 but it doesn’t matter because we’re still on the fucking Billboard chart. So, thank you so much for all of your support.

Just thank you so much for loving our band and just keep coming out to shows and we’ll keep hanging out with you and we’ll keep smashing your fucking face off. We’ll keep being the slam kings of the fucking universe.

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