During the Brutality over Black Land Edition we met and interview Jens, singer in the German brutal death metal band Pighead. Read this interview to learn more about the band and their plans for 2019 !

Can you first introduce us Pighead, what shall we know about you ?

Well we’re playing brutal death metal and we try to combine the old school style with some kind of new elements but basically, it’s brutal death metal.

What’s the story behind the name Pighead ?

I can’t exactly answer that because it is Denny the guitar player who choose the name, but I think it’s has something to do with the horror movie Saw where the killer is called Pighead.

Your latest album “Until All Flesh Decays” was released in 2016. Do you plan to release something new in the coming years ?

Yeah, hopefully next year. We are now writing a couple of new songs. We have drafts for four or five songs, but we want to release a full-length record next year hopefully. We’re working on that but now this year we’re just concentrate on playing shows and go on tour.

What are your plans for the rest of this year ?

So far after this tour we are playing a show in Ukraine in Kiev. And after that we’re back to Germany. We have two gigs in May, then we have some festivals in the summertime and then in October we’re going back to the Berlin Deathfest.

What about the summer festivals, are you allowed to tell us which one it is ?

It’s the Summer Breeze in Dinkelsbühl and the Berlin Deathfest.

What would be the ultimate band to see on stage in your opinion and why ?

Yeah all right. Definitely Solstice from America. They have so much energy. They play old school death metal, but they are fucking awesome life. They have so much energy and they are fresh. I saw them a couple of years ago in Berlin and that was my concert of the year. Beside of that Suffocation or Disgorge.

What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you as a member of Pighead ?

There are a lot of crazy things actually. Well, two days ago, we played in Czech Republic and the festival venue was pretty small. We have with the bus and the trailer 22 meters long, 4 meters high and 3 meters wide and the streets in Czech Republic are pretty small and the festival area was up hill.

So, it was very difficult to get there, we managed to get the trailer up there but not the bus. And then on the way back, we had to take the trailer which weights three tons with 14 people down the hill and it was a push and pull manoeuvre. It was crazy and it took us almost an hour to get it done but we made it. Beside of that, a lot of nasty and crazy things happen on tour.

About the tour, how is it going so far ?

Oh, it’s good so far. It could be better but today it was just really really good. The last days we had some shows in the same area. We played Saturday we played in Leipzig Germany but there was a Suffocation show and the Impericon festival beside our show. So, the crowd was not that big, but it was fun anyways. We have now five days left and we’re looking forward to it.

And what did you think about tonight’s crowd ?

The crowd was awesome. We love Belgium. It’s always good to play here. Last year we played at Brutality Over Belgium North Edition 2018 and that was fun too but tonight will definitely top that. That was awesome.

I leave you now the last word of this interview.

Keep it sick. Support the underground. When you have the chance to see some bands from far far away coming to your town, just go to the concert and buy their stuff and support them. That’s always good. Definitely stay tuned to our next record, which is coming out on Rising Nemesis, probably, hopefully in 2020.

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