It’s in their tour van that I find Mart, Teethgrinder’s guitarist for the interview. After a concert where they put the MCP on fire and blood, it is in a much more “quiet” atmostphere that Mart tells me about this very nice group which behind his aggressive appearance delivers a real message. I invite you to discover them and to look at their texts.

Could you introduce the band to people who maybe don’t know you ?

Well I am Mart from Teethgrinder, we’re from the Netherlands. I think we do a kind of grindcore with a lot of other influences. It’s for people who like bands like Nasum, Converge or Rotten Sound and stuff like that.

Why did you choose “Teethgrinder” as band name?

Because I’m quite known for making the most awful screeching noises when I sleep. So, I am actually a “teethgrinder”. There is also kind of a funny drug reference in there, but it was mostly because I just make a lot of noise when I sleep, and I think it’s a sign of stress or anxiety. Or the fact of not being able to process all the impulses, all the stuff that gets thrown at you on a daily basis basically and not being able to deal with life as it is right now.

And does your music help you to deal with that ?

For sure, I think it’s a pretty therapeutic kind of catharsis for us and I think it goes for all of us we really need to do this. Like, a lot to get rid of the demons and be kind of clear headed and more and more able to deal with the daily struggles. Also, because there’s like a lot of stuff happening in the world that makes us quite angry and therefore is the perfect way to release all that anger or sadness or frustrations.

How do you deal with the two sides of your life ?

I’m the only one with a family but that can be quite hard. I think we all have our daily things. For example, I think the students of Wieger Jan our drummer who is a teacher. They know what he does and they’re actually kind of small Teethgrinder fans. At least they think it’s really funny that their teacher is in a grindcore band which is obviously ridiculous, but we love to do this, so we invested time. It can be quite hard, and I think all of us have been motivated to do this for such a long time, but it takes its toll especially on relationships because you know you’re not that much around most of the time and you’re always busy with your band. So, it can be quite hard but somehow, we figure out and we make it work. It’s just dedication.

You have played in a smaller venue here and you’ve played festivals. What do you prefer ?

The size of the venue doesn’t really matter or maybe in the end I prefer the smaller or medium stages. It’s because it’s a lot about interaction and when you’re are like at Brutal Assault or something and you’re standing in front of 10000 people, I can’t even see them because I wear glasses but like I really can’t see what’s going on. There’s also another kind of rush because it’s so big and you want to do the best you can. But I think our favourite shows were probably in smaller venues which were way too packed, and everybody just went insane. It’s the best thing when there’s like this synergy going on. You have the energy on the stage, the energy in the crowd and together when it slips into each other it’s the best thing that can happen.

What are your plans for 2019 ?

I am still busy finishing our third record. I used to write the record earlier but since I have a kid, a beautiful daughter, it’s been a bit harder. So now I’m at two years I think or two and a half maybe three even but it’s coming along nicely and probably almost done so we are going to record that one. Hopefully we’ll still release it in 2019.

For the rest, we want to do a lot more touring, I guess. Probably some far away stuff as well because we last year we went to Japan and it was really amazing. And it’s also a big fun part of being in a band, you can travel to awesome places and meet people and see their countries and we love to do that. So, there is probably just going to be a lot more of that. We have to do Eastern Europe a bit more as well because up till now we’ve kind of neglected it except Czech Republic which we definitely covered. We played at the Obscene Extreme and in several festivals. There are more and more festivals there it’s always awesome in the Czech Republic, it’s a nice country.

How are grindcore and underground music received in the Netherlands?

Well basically like everybody I meet who somehow finds out which band I’m playing in are like “What ? What’s this horrible noise?” but in the scene, itself, I guess, for me, personally it feels like nowadays it’s much more accepted because I used to play in another band and at that point people really thought we were like way too extreme. Especially metalheads that were like “Oh jeez these are like why are they like behaving so insane on stage? What’s their problem ? They seem like angry animals in a cage or something.”

I think we’ve been quite blessed with this band and how people see us. I think we are quite accepted but when it comes to the underground, the problem in the Netherlands is that we are basically losing all small venues. There is like one big venue in every city which gets the money from the government to fund shows, so the small scene is kind of dying because there is nowhere to play anymore. That can be really hard especially for new bands or for bands who wanted to tour in the Netherlands. There are not many DIY places left or places that are like easily accessible for bands that are on tour or just getting started or doing something really extreme. So that kind of sucks. That’s why we play a lot in the outside of the Netherlands. Which is great, even better I guess maybe.

What’s the best thing about being a musician ?

The release, I think is tough. For me it’s the foremost thing. Like if nobody would like what I would be doing, I would probably still be doing it. But then for myself at home and not bother anybody with it. But I just need to do it, to deal with myself or with life.

And next about it, it’s being with friends in a van travelling and meeting new people going to strange places, having fun with each other. I think that’s probably the second-best thing.

What is your worst stage memory ?

Once I fell off stage. Like it was a pretty high stage and it was during the last part of the last song where I usually turn the amplifiers up and down tune my guitar, but I actually fell off stage. I kind of survived and my guitar did but it was fucked up of course.

I also hate stuff with gear that really sucks. Like today I also had some problems and it really sucks when you’re still figuring out what the problem is during the show maybe even during a song. You try to fix it but well I did in the end. But you know that kind of sucks because it takes away the possibility to just go, just play and be one with the music and the vibe.

If you could have played in another band so no grindcore. What would it be ?

Wow. There’s so much I love. I would love to play in the black metal band. I did play ones with corpse paint and it was awesome. I needed to do that in my life at least once. I would love to play in so many bands I played in Korpse it was kind of slamming death metal which is not really my cup of tea, but that band was awesome because it was just really aggressive.

I would love to do something dirty and sludgy but there’s so many things I would actually still want to do. But there’s just not enough time. If I would make some money whatever maybe I could have like do all sorts of bands. But that’s not the case and I probably never will and that’s OK because it’s not supposed to be your job. I like it anyway.

Do you have any last words to our readers, do you want to tell them something ?

Unfortunately, we haven’t played Belgium that much. We love to so, invite us and come check us out, check out our music. And thanks for reading this.

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