Could you introduce us to the band in a few words?

Nicolas: In a few words, we are a metal band, of course. To describe the style a bit, I’m going to talk about the influence that goes from Morbid Angel to Meshuggah, I think it’s easy to hear it in our music. It is a band that was formed in 2010, we will soon celebrate our 9 years and here we are.

Is playing metal in Liège complicated?

Yes, more and more, but I think it’s general. I see it when I speak with other groups, even in France etc. The scene is becoming more and more restricted and it becomes difficult to find places to play.

In which ways is it restricted ?

I think it’s more the places and the fact that bands are segmented. I think before, there were more blends. There was always a death metal concert with metal and hardcore in it. Everything was much more mixed.

You’re in the studio right now, what are you getting ready for?

It’s going to be an EP called “Unleashing The Void” and we’ve been working on it for about a year. And I think that here we are slowly going where we wanted to go musically speaking.

When is it going to be released ?

In my opinion it will come out in May or June, I think. It’s still under discussion.

You already have some gigs behind you, what is the worst thing that happened to you in concert?

It must be the ceiling that fell on us at La Louvière or the generator that broke after 47 seconds of music and which forced us to stop the concert.

And so, the best?

The Antwerp Metal Fest, that was really nice and the Back Live in Seraing. These are big organizations and the fact that the crowd do not know us, it comes out of the local scene and suddenly there are other people who come and they are much more welcoming, receptive.

What do you think of the Belgian metal scene?

Nicolas:It is terrible. There is a lot of quality, there are plenty of bands. I think it’s a question of mentality that settles down slowly, it’s a bit like, if we start in the download debate, it’s the habit of directly taking things. There is no longer any support, there are no more sales, no more movement to go see a concert. People are more likely to want to go to Graspop to see three concerts that interest them rather than go to small concerts.

Mykke: Fifteen years ago, there were more concerts. It was always overcrowded. Now, I really see that people are less and less interested in concerts, come less and less.

What should be done to change that?

Nicolas: Perhaps just to make people understand that if they still want culture and music, we have to exploit the places which are given to us.

Mykke: It might be a good idea to open a few more places too.

The concert of your dreams, with whom and where would it be ?

Mykke : Meshuggah, for me.
Nicolas : With Death but the singer is dead so… And where? Even in a toilet, it would be perfect. I do not care as long as it’s with them.

A last word for our readers ?

Think about the local scene, go listen to the bands. Do not hesitate to buy a t-shirt from time to time, a cd, that’s what allows you to record and pay the costs of a place to repeat. And we must not forget that all major bands have been local bands one day. Support your bands!

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