On the occasion of Brutality Over Belgium, we met the French from Pulmonary Fibrosis. A grind band that has been active for over 20 years. We suggest you to come learn more about them and their music. You’re a big fan of dirty sound? This band is for you!

Can you introduce Pulmonary Fibrosis in a few words for people who do not know you?

Guyome: We are Pulmonary Fibrosis, we play since 1998 and I am the only original member. In the beginning, we did not know how to play so we made mostly noise and we tried to make songs with it.

Initially we were only two. We managed to do a demo and a split Ep and tape. There came a bass player and I went to the drums quite quickly. I found a guitarist and we found a singer. After that the line up changed a lot like a lot of bands. Since it’s a passion, there are people who stop and quit.

We have had an almost stable line up for 10 years. We have a new guitarist, Pierre, who is in Vomi Noir and Blue Holocaust. He’s a pioneer in the French grind scene.

How do you keep a band going for so long?

Guyome: Time flies and then we have more and more concerts. We are always ready when we are invited to play, to drink beer, to travel … We do that because we like it.

But it’s true that time flies and it’s gone like this. We celebrated our 20 years last year and then, we wanted to be more quiet to work on an upcoming album but we have plenty of requests for lots of concerts.

What can you tell me about your split with Les Frottis de L’Espace ?

Guyome: So Spiro and Cyril are old friends of us. It’s a kind of punk band with grind influences. They sing mainly in French. We’ve known them for 10 or 15 years and we did several concerts together.

Cyril suggested we did split because we’ve known each other for a long time. We accepted. He just sent us the cover and it should come out this year. Everything is almost ready and as guest, there is the daughter of our second singer who is 3 years old. She is better trained than other singers without headphones * laughs *.

How is the French grind scene?

Guyome: Frankly I think it’s better now because there are more and more bands, more events and lots of festivals. After that, what they call grind for us is not grind but the idea is there and there are still more grind groups than before. It’s a little more popular while staying underground of course. In concert, it does not change anything but there are more events, it moves a little, there are events that are well crowded.

Everyone knows each other in the grind circuit. In France it’s the same, even if we do not mix often, we have affinities with many bands. There are people who spit mostly on goregrind now, it is done in our back but when we meet some bands and play with them, it’s going very well. There is not one who comes to tell us anything. So there is not really any real rivalry but rather criticism in our back.

After 20 years, are there still things you would like to accomplish with the band ?

Guyome: There are many countries where we have never played. Australia, a good part of Asia, Africa … So we would surely try to play in a lot of countries where we did not.

The best grind album of all time in your opinion is …?

Guyome: The first Carcass. That’s what started this style, more grind.

Reno: Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses by Brutal Truth, because it makes me do good hair training.

Pierre: Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood by Regurgitate.

Simon: Morbid Florist by Anal Cunt or Generation of Hate by Dismembered Fetus. Like that, it leaves the choice.

What’s the worst thing that happened to you in your career?

Reno: So, it was in our first tour in Mexico, on the first date of the tour, there were already guys who had stung the stuff. We had caught them. I asked them not to do it again and to return our belongings. So, they got a little annoyed and they threatened to cut me the “chorizo” as they call it there. In addition, at that time, I was all alone in a corner and they were all around me. I was not very reassured but it’s good I still have it [the chorizo].

What do you think of DIY organizations like here?

Simon: It’s really the best.

Reno: I prefer proximity too. Even when there is no scene and you are in the middle of people, I like it.

Simon: We did concerts in places that are barely bigger than here, overcrowded and on gear that was barely working and it was one of the best we did. In the United States we played on pallets in a skate park with stereo equipment.

Guyome: The big scenes are a lot of problems for nothing. Technicians, we don’t give a shit about them because it is the interaction with the public that counts.

If you play on a big stage and there are barriers, things between us and the public, it’s the same than if we were rehearsing. It’s more motivating to play on smaller scenes.

I leave you the last word of this interview.

Reno: peace in the metal, love in the ass.

Guyome: You have to come to smaller concerts and a little less to big festivals where you do not see bands.

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