We met Slaughter The Giant, a Belgian band which plays blackened death metal. Go check them out because they play good music and they are awesome dudes.

Can you first introduce us the band in a few words ?

We started this band to release some kickass sound!


How would you define your musical style?

Blackened death metal band from Belgium, 2018.

How is your music perceived in Belgium ?

Really well, we were very amazed by the enthusiasm we received after our demo in May 2018.

It delivered us 25 gigs so far. We released Asylum Of The Damned in April 2019, it is our first EP.

Live performances are experienced are often described as ‘brutal’, ‘overwhelming’ and ‘painful’ because of the mosh pits

What would be the concert of your dreams, with whom and where?

We already did one off those dream concerts. We played together with Psycroptic, Aversions Crown, Ingested, Atlantis Chronicles, Caliban and many other great bands at the Warzone vs 6K Festival in Liège last February. When we were at the merch meeting some members off Psycroptic we also met Jason Keyser the vocalist off Origin. Epic experience for us!

In the future our ambition is to play more live shows in different countries all over the world, we would love to share the stage again with well or less known bands.

What’s next for 2019 ?

On the first of June, we will play at Antwerp Metal fest where we will release our first EP named ‘Asylum Of The Damned’. We will join mighty metal bands as At The Gates, Krisiun, Deserted Fear, Knocked Loose and as well our friends in Fractured Insanity and Abacination.

We will continue our live gigs and will do a tour with Bleeding Utopia in October and November. Thereafter we will take a break to fulfill our next goal: writing and recording a full album.

What’s the hardest thing in being a musician in a metal band ?

Finding enough time to do as much work as possible with your band!

What do you think about the Belgian local scene?

There are a lot of good metal bands in Belgium! To name just a few: When Plagues Collides, Off The Cross, Storm Upon The Masses, Carrion, Fractured Insanity, Carnation, Exoto, …

Any last word to our readers?

Come out and go watch live performances played by less known, local or touring bands. Support your local venues as well because these are really important places for young bands to build up their live experiences.

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