How would you introduce yourself to people who don’t know you ?

My name is Steve Crow, the guitarist of the band Condemned. I am an original member and founder of the band. Right now, we have me on guitar, Daniel Richardson (Pathology) on the other guitar, Ryan Reidy on the bass guitar and we have Tyson Jupin (Vile and Necrochamber). We also have a new member. His name is Adam Watson and he’s singing for us now.

And musically speaking how would you define yourselves ?

I’m still trying to keep a classic form of brutal death metal which is very brutal intense fast and very old school reminiscence but also very dark.

You are currently on tour for the “Ultimate Ruination Tour” How did it go so far ?

So far, it’s starting a little slow but it’s starting to pick up a little bit more. It’s not a very long tour. This is the shortest tour I’ve ever done in Europe but so far, every night has been pretty fun. It’s just it’s a little tiring since my hours are different from here because I come from America.

What is the best thing in your opinion: playing in the festival or in small gigs like here ?

I kind of like things about both of them but I think I prefer a lot more smaller places because they are the more intimate and you have a good space for everyone to come together instead of being spread out. But I also do like festivals because there’s also a lot of bands to watch.

After something like 15 years of career, are there do things that you wish to accomplish with the band ?

I think just travels and explore new countries where we’ve never been to before and continue to keep writing and putting out more albums really that’s all we want to do. And just keep climbing the ladder to success and see if we can reach out to more companies in the future.

What’s next for 2019 ?

I have a new album that I’m writing, and we are going to play a new song tonight from that album. When come back home, we’re planning some other trips but primarily I want to keep writing because the next album is very important.

I leave you the last word of the interview.

I appreciate everyone that supports Condemned through the years no matter how many changes the band has taken. To be fair to them I’m just going to keep writing the classic Condemned music that I always do, and I hope that everybody enjoys it. And wherever we are in the world that people come to see us.

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