Von Frost Records is a Canadian (Hamilton/Ontario) UG label and distro. Most of all dealing with extreme music from Black Death, Death Metal, Black Metal to Thrash.

[ I will add right now a precision about the words « extreme music » It has nothing to do with politics, and if you don’t really know what’s the extreme music scene in the  underground metal, I encourage you to document yourself about it]

John, owner of the label is a huge passionated and collector. He’s been in the HxC, Punk and Metal scene since the 80’s.

Let’s hear about this tough guy !

John Von Frost

Hi John. Hope you are doing well. We know each other for more than 6 years and I’ve seen Von Frost Records built by you brick after brick.

How did you decide to run your label and also your shop in the past ?

Hi Kris, I Am fine and doing OK. To be honest it was my love for GOATHOLOCAUST and you putting me in touch with Adrien aka Lord Genocide. Once Adrien and I began to talk and build a friendship. I think I sort of mentioned that I’d really like to start a label and right away he offered me the « Satan Jugend » material to release on pro tape. Adrien gave me that boost and lit the VON FROST flame… It’s been a struggle but I just love it! Total war.

More than a label VFR is YOU ! You are a connoisseur, a big personnality.

How did you get into this ? What,s your own story ?

Well I don’t think I am a connoisseur I just know what I like in my musical tastes and it’s not only Black/Death. VFR does reflect this somewhat. Also I really do not have a big personality.  I am the loner, I am quiet, awkward, shy etc. That weird guy that people just walk by and I don’t mind at all.

My shit childhood, depression and constant war inside my head is what brought me here today. MUSIC has been the only true friend, People come and go in your life and you can never count on humans, they will fuck you over. But MUSIC has always been there for me, MUSIC has kept me alive in my teen years. FUCK OFF DRUGS and Heavy drinking. Give me tapes & records.

VFR Records is intimately bound with VOCFERIAN and all LORD GENOCIDE endevours.

What attracted you in these and what are your common points ?

VFR and myself have a strong bound with Lord Genocide /VOCIFERIAN and related bands.

What attracted me to bands such as VOCIFERIAN, LUGER, GOATHOLOCAUST, ALIENANTE DAMNATION, MACABRA, EBAUCHE NOIRE  is the true emotion that is unleashed in these projects.

VOCIFERIAN brings back those feelings that I had when I first heard BURZUM, DARKTHRONE (« Panzerfaust ») and other early Black Metal bands.

It’s very hard to find that in the Black Metal scene of today, I mean really straight up Black Metal. Way too many hybrids Black/Death, Black Doom etc.

So my point in releasing these bands is to turn people onto some great Black Metal!

What do you earn humanly from your experience with VFR ?

Well from my experience running a label. I am surprised at some of the goofs running some of the ‘bigger’ labels and even small labels that I have dealt with. I mean some labels try and fuck you over with their trade points being worth more ? Or only trading their old releases etc.

But I’ve met a lot of amazing people that are here for the passion like myself. Some are here for the glory and try to cash in. These fucks will die and posers out !

Also how people expect all these extras with a record. That’s why VFR will only release all future vinyl as ‘NECRO IS THE LAW VINYL EDITION’ black vinyl, single pocket jacket, No color vinyl, No DIE HARD bull shit.

What do you think about the actual Metal and UG scene nowadays comparing to your experience in the early 80’s ?

Nothing beats the 80s.  But then again everything was new, nothing sounded the same. BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD  was the first metal for me.  But fucking VENOM started extreme metal, they opened the  gates of hell.

I bought Venom  “welcome to hell” & BLACK FLAG  “Damaged” albums the same day in 1981… fucking blew my mind. I played Black Flag “Damaged”  for a buddy of mine back in the day and he asked me if that was VENOM haha. Go ahead and listen to that track and it’s fucking nasty, some of the best vocals Rollins ever did can be found on that album.

Getting from a maniac musical collector like you to a label manager surely bears differences. What changed in your point of view ?

To be honest I am a music fan first, I am not much of a business man or manager.  So lucky I only have myself to manage.

I don’t release stuff because I think it will sell well for me. I release stuff because I want it in my own collection.  The biggest difference is that now I don’t have the cash to collect.  VFR takes every cent I have.

I don’t think people realize just how expensive and hard it is to run a label/distro even a small label like VFR.  It takes dedication & passion to do this, don’t get me wrong there has been a few times where I wanted to just say fuck it. But VFR has become me and I hope to be doing this for a very long time. so you maniacs & fiends out there don’t just click the like button on Facebook.  Actually follow the link and support the bands & labels.

What are your own relations with the big labels that lead the UG ? How did they receive VFR in the beginning ?

And How are your relations right now ?

I have mixed feelings about some of the ‘bigger’ underground labels. Even some of the small run labels are assholes. I deal and trade with likeminded people to spread the underground plague. Some labels only want to sell you shit at wholesale. I am like I can’t buy stuff. Let’s fucking trade that is the true spirit of the underground !

Let’s talk about your own productions. First you were an analogic dedicated label. Could you explain us ?

Why did you begin to release vinyls and CD’s?

Yes, In the early stages of VFR I wanted to be a pro cassette only label. For cassettes I worship. However I am a vinyl fan also and well Lord Genocide bands needed to be released on vinyl.

People should really check out some of the early VFR vinyl like the crazy VFR02 – CONJÜRATÖR  « Erosplattered » deluxe 10” w/ gatefold sleeve and amazing Gold foil stamped jacket, amazing gold vinyl w/ black splatter and of course the ugliest black/death recording ever LUGER « Kill, Worship Die » LP.

As for CDs I still hate them.

You will find the VFR logo on the amazing Death Metal CD from MACABRA  « To the Bone »  that Morbid Vision (Mark Riddick) released.

As for THE TYRANTS OF HELL CD that I released.  I released that because CALIGARI RECORDS was already releasing the tape version and I fucking love « Perversion, Disease, and Satanic sleaze »  so TOH and I agreed to do the CD.

It won’t be the last CD… Another CD is in the works along with the pro tape of the upcoming RUIN/MACABRA split.

What are you main planned VFR releases?

Oh so excited for the future of VFR.


In December we have RUIN “Human Annihilation” pro tape with the amazing Nero One records.

In the works for 2019, the three albums on pro tape by OFFAL (Brazil) “Mandatory Death Metal”.

A very special “OPF edition and super limited” VOIFERIAN -” Glorificia Bestialis” tape.

RITUAL WARFAR, WARGRINDER, RUIN / MACABRA – split cd / tape, a mega-ton of Death Metal.

TRENCH WARFARE “Hated Prayer” tape, CONFRONTATION – new album on tape. No stranger to VFR, CONFRONTATION have been with me since the beginning and they fucking rule.

CAULDRON BURIAL “Amanti d’oltertomba” (2nd album) on NECRO IS THE LAW VINYL EDITION, true sounding Black Metal with amazing female vocals.

Not to be missed, LUGER  “Lügersnacht Faktion Tyranei” LP NECRO IS THE LAW VINYL EDITION pure nasty violence.

OPERATION WINTERMIST ” Winter Warfare” pro tape, Blitzkrieg Canadian Black War Metal (One of my all time favorites). I think I got everything.

How is the Canadian population receiving metal (concerts, shops, bars, festivals) ?

Canada is fucking huge so I really do not know how other cities are for metal? But Toronto and Hamilton I find are not too bad, we get a ton of great bands that play here and the fans seem to be great. Halifax, Nova Scotia where I used to live has a small but dedicated scene of maniacs.

I must tell you all my admiration. Your run a label growing bigger and better. You make a great work while staying humble and true. Thank you very much for your time and interest in the interview.

I let you close it with your words.

Thank you Kris for you kind words and support since the beginning of VFR I don’t really pay attention to the growth of VFR or anything really. I just do what I do and that is the love of music that keeps VFR as my passion and hobby.