Live Report of the Haunting The Castle II

Overall my impression of the festival Haunting the Castle that took place in early March in Anthisnes, is rather positive.

I was very well received by the organization that had thought of everything: small lanyards with a plasticized press pass and tickets for drinks so kindly offered. From the point of view of the festival-goers, many told me that they appreciated the organization’s initiative to offer a t-shirt to those who bought their tickets earlier.

Now let’s talk about the setting, the festival was held in a castle, on the first floor after a magnificent wooden staircase. The room was divided in two: the scene in a darker atmosphere and the bar, which was totally illuminated. This luminous contrast embarrassed some people who found that the light of the bar was projected too much in the “concert” part of the room. For the rest, the place is well chosen: a medieval and dark frame that sticks to the style of the festival, places to park cars, isolated backstage for the bands, clean toilets, all conditions were met to spend a good time.

About the food and drinks, the prices were quite democratic, 2 euros the BIG glass of soft and craft beer, there was something for everyone. The food was a little less covincing for festival-goers who gave both very positive feedbacks especially for couscous, and very negative feedbacks about the bread filled with stew. However we can not deny that the food was still of much better quality than some other festivals.

Let’s move on to concerts now. The bands were all very good and worth seeing. However, some bands like Khost, for example, would have needed less light and a later passage during the festival. My favourite band was Anguish that really pleased me. The festival closed with a safe bet which was AHAB. Note also the presence of a local band among all these cool bands, the guys of Fading Bliss who conquered the public with their Gothic Doom.

To sum up, I think that 25 euros for the entrance and a free t-shirt for the fastest buyers, was not expensive at all. All this for a festival with quality bands, drinks and quality food, in an enchanting setting with really great music.

I highly recommend that you look at the Haunting The Castle page for the 3rd edition of the festival, which, if it takes place, will be, I hope, as fruitful as this 2019 edition.

All the pictures by Laurent are to be found here: