A few weeks ago now (yes, I’m quite late, but I promise you that the content is no less interesting). So, a few weeks ago, I went to a discovery concert. Discovery because I did not know any band of the poster and it was a great surprise overall. Let’s talk first about the poster that was proposed: KLS, Necrodancer, Coilguns and Wrong. As it was 4 discoveries for me, I chose to tell you about my two favorites bands of the evening, namely: Necrodancer and Coilguns.

I will start with the French band Necrodancer. The band has managed its performance from A to Z. The name is very well chosen in my opinion. The ‘necro’ side (dark, in relation to death) is brought by the violence of the voice of the singer and by the aggressive tone of the music. The side ‘dancer’ is meanwhile defended by the singer who put a great atmosphere by swaying all the concert, we salute the energy of the gentleman! This dancing side is also found in the music which, as said above, is quite aggressive but groovy in a sense. The riffs are catchy and as the singer proves us, it is violent but, it can very well be danced on. In spite of some small problems with the sound, Necrodancer showed us hell of an energy and they delivered us an excellent concert which made me want to see them again.

I also wanted to highlight something that I found really nice. Necrodancer proposes the people to give what price they want for their merchandising. It’s great, I think, because it allows everyone to support the band. They have nice stickers but especially a beautiful warrior boar t-shirt that has clearly caught my eye. In short, you’ll understand, I recommend you to check Necrodancer’s page (you will find the link below).

Let’s talk about the Swiss band Coilguns. So it was also the first time I saw them and we can easily summarize their performance in one word: SURPRISE. So, at first it was a pleasant surprise because the band appealed a lot to me musically speaking. The song comes from guts and the musicians send you a wall of sound that hits right in the face from the first minutes of the concert. It was quite surprising because it contrasted very much with the somewhat “comical” and “good-natured” way the singer spoke to the crowd before starting to play. One thing is certain, Coilguns has energy to share and they make you it feel. Second big surprise and I think it is better that you know that prior to see them live: the singer moves a lot in the crowd. He kind of enters “in communion” with the crowd. The physical attitude of the singers fits well and reflects perfectly the violence of Coilguns’ music. We can say that he lives his performance thoroughly which is in itself very interesting but some spectators could be embarrassed or feel overwhelmed. However, this is only a detail and I found that the stage attitude of the singer mingled perfectly with the musical atmosphere.

I will close this little note by talking briefly about the venu. La Zone in Liège is a place that I like a lot. It may, for some, have claustrophobic airs, but, for my part, the atmosphere typically matches with underground music. In addition, concerts are really cheap and consumptions either. In short, I highly recommend you to go for there and enjoy some music.

Thank you for reading me and I hope it will have made you want to make new musical discoveries. You will find the links to the pages of the bands I mentionned and to the page of La Zone below.

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