Metalheads, I salute you!

Today, I put my camera aside (Yes, come on!!), and I put the interviewer’s hat on.

And, for my first interview, I met the charismatic Mathieu Addonisio, organizer of the Damned Soul Fest, which takes place for its second edition on January 19th at the Confluent in Bomal-Sur-Ourthe.

10 bands, a “Sexy Metal Strip-Tease Show”, this is what you have to expect for the 1st festival of this year 2019.

Curious to know more?
So, I’m inviting you to have a look at this interview, and hope you will have a nice reading.

Lau Pi

PS : Thanks to my contributor Délia et Alice for their advices for the redaction of this interview 🙂

So, who is Mathieu Addonisio? Can you tell us more about you?

I would rather leave the other people describe me…. I can’t talk about myself, it’s not my business.

How did you get the idea to create the “Damned Soul Fest”, and why this name?

I had this idea and desire to have my own festival. (I’m always eager to discover the other side). I think this is due to my actual job (I work for the others’ pleasure).

When I organised my Metal 30th bithday, it was a kick in the ass (as we say…) and due to the enthusiasm of my friends, their support, motivation, their nice attentions and advices… I decided to continue.

And here we are, for the second edition. The more I meet people, the more fun I have and the more I find my own pleasure.

For the name of the festival, it is a combination between a film and music that I enjoy.

What are your criteria to select the bands of the DSF ?

Easy, If I like it, I choose It…
It’s quite selfish but I assume it.

Which audience do you mainly want to reach when you choose the bands that will be featured in your festival?

I don’t have a “particular target audience”. Everybody is welcome, the main point being (and I hope so) that the public will have fun.

Why  did you organize this festival in the small town of Bomal, and, shortly after the holidays, is this not a gamble?

Bomal, because I have lived there since 2006, so this is where I make my life, thenceforth, the rest must follow as much as possible.

For the choice of the period? I return it with another question … When are the bad times? For me there is none, there are always something, I don’t look at that.

Soon, the second edition that will take place on January 19, 2019 in Bomal.
– What are the things that you want to improve compared to the 1st edition?
– What are the things that you think are unchanged for the moment?

First, there will be a carpet on the floor to avoid the public to slip on the ground and risk injuries (which happened during the first edition, but nothing serious, I reassure you!)

In addition this carpet will improve the sound (which was already at the top for the first) it was necessary to choose a carpet, so take one that has several advantageous features.

You don’t miss an opportunity to advertise your festival through social media and other media.
According to you, what is the most efficient method, and the least efficient way to promote an event nowadays?

For advertising, the returns on social networks are terrible and very pleasant to see … Making posters, flyers, ect … for me, it completes my entire organization.

The best method, I’m just beginning, so it’s hard to say, although I have a penchant for social networks. To be confirmed later.

And so, if the Damned Soul Fest 2 goes well, can we expect a 3rd edition? What are you planning for the future of your festival?

The first one was a real success!
I hear good impressions about the second edition that will soon take place …. So, is the number 3 in progress …?

For the future I would try to adapt over time.

If I say to you: – “Support your local scene”, what does it evoke to you?
Is the local scene too neglected by huge events? What do you think about that?

The debate of the year and every day …
I have no idea about the question because I’m not in the head of people or even psychic. For me, everyone is free to do what he wants to do,  what  he want to listen to or see.

During the first edition, you offered to your audience a live piercing show directed by Yoshka Earthlings that will have made an impression. For this second DSF, you offer us a “Sexy Metal Strip-tease Show”.
How did you come up with the idea of bringing this type of show to your festival?

The idea of Yoshka’s show piercing was a friendly gift from him as well as Luca, They wanted to make me happy, it was also an opportunity for them to come back on stage, and this, for the first time in Belgium! This is an example of motivation to continue this small festival!
So the idea of this show made me want to find another theme … And it will be under the theme strip-tease Metal ll.

I offer you the word(s) of the end, one last thing to share with us?

Happy New Year and see you on January 19th!

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