Today, we decided to meet other actors of the music scene: records labels. We propose you the interview of Antiq Records, a French label that proposes diverse and varied bands while also promoting the local scene. Hungry for discoveries? Browse their catalog!

First of all, who are you and what is your role in Antiq ?

I am Léon, my role could be linked to a label manager, coupled with an artistic director. I am accompanied by Adrien and Joanna.

Briefly, how did the idea of ​​creating this label come about, what is its story?

Antiq originally came from a need to produce our projects according to our vision of the world of music. A small collective in almost autarky, with almost no connection with the rest of the professional world of music. Initially, there were three of us, including Adrien and myself, and we were helped by many of our friends involved in personal projects. Then quite quickly, we went back to two people, Adrien and I for 4 years, before adding Joanna. But we had already opened our editorial line, since the second year.

What are your key words or values?

The total work of art, and tend towards coherence between the lyrics, the imagery and the concept with the feelings that the music conveys.

How does band selection work at Antiq? Do bands apply for support or do you contact them?

Both cases can occur. But despite our status and size of a small label, one must understand that our selection is draconian: today we receive between 3 and 5 applications per week, that’s a lot. First because there are more and more bands, and secondly with our evolution we reach more people. And the selection is difficult because: there are many bands, we want to stay at a rate of 6-8 releases per year, our planning is now seen well in advance, and finally, it is necessary that the band enters our editorial line, basically that it is compatible with the universe we want to promote. Ah, and also, we must like it, it seems obvious.

What is your top 3 among the bands (and their albums) you produced in 2019?

Oh, it is impossible to answer you by keeping only 3 in mind. I love Véhémence and Malenuit, and the musical universe developed by Dorminn, and the sound and the special compositions catch me in Tan Kozh. I am also very proud of the split Incipient Chaos / Defenestration. But that is by disregarding Grylle, modesty obliges, and another release that has not yet arrived. In fact, I like all our releases equally, because there is a common coherence between the projects, otherwise we would not do them. So, no top 3, rather a top-all!

What is your favorite thing about Antiq?

The thrill of creativity. You feel it: when a known (and good) band contacts you or answers you. When a less known band sends you tracks that kill. When a new visual of a future production, of which you are already singing the songs, falls into your box and you are stuck by the force of the thing. When you send the files to manufacturing with this slight apprehension, normal for the rest, to have done everything well. When the packs finally arrive and you open them, feverishly, like a kid who gets his first record. When the chronicles fall and they are good, when customers come to see you and thank you for these novelties.

In fact, here again, everything. At every step, you tell yourself that the real pleasure is what you are doing. Before discovering that the next step is even more enjoyable. It is a sequence of crescendo shivers, all different but each with their share of unknown, and this is constantly renewed.

To all work there are positive and negative points. We have discussed what you prefer in your work. What about the worst thing or what you hate doing the most about the label?

Hmm, as you could understand it will be difficult to answer, given that I love every part of my work. The worst thing is probably having to leave the atmosphere of a festival when it comes to exhibiting. The atmosphere of a festival, the small routine of the stand and the discussions with the customers, it is such a pleasure of sharing, leaving it is always a little bit confusing.

When I interview bands, I ask them what their plans are for the coming year. I guess even within the labels, you have expectations and projects every year … What about for Antiq for the coming year?

Oh, yes, full of big, beautiful and fascinating projects. There we have our last release of the year that comes, a split of an ambient style particularly well executed. Ah, and also, the double vinyl edition of Grylle, a very beautiful object that is born. For next year, black avant-garde, black dirty punk, black atmospheric from a cold country, and always atmospheric.

Is there a band that you would have dreamed of including in your label but who is not? If so, why this particular group?

It must be at least ten years that I answer Borgia. This maelstrom of alchemical black death, served by declaimed historicist lyrics, had nothing to do with the lame concepts that often equate the style. It was to make history without doing a course of history, it was to listen to a violence whose refinement elevated the band to the degree of the sublime.

I leave you the last word of the interview.

Original interview, I was happy to answer it, I think you have all covered. I would like to add that all our productions are easy to find and to listen to them and that they only ask that we look to discover them, and that despite some current difficulties our site will soon be renovated for an optimal experience. Thank you to all readers, thank you Délia.

We end this interview with a musical excerpt from Grylle, band produced by Antiq Records.

Picture by Antiq on their page Antiq Label

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