At the beginning of the month, I received an email from M&O Music about a rather original band: Montserrat. Montserrat, what is it? The instigator of the project comes straight from Plymouth in the Caribbean which was devastated by a volcanic eruption in 1997. Deeply affected by this catastrophe, the child became a man and decided to put music on his feelings. Helped by a session singer, this is how Montserrat’s first EP, Plymouth Under Ashes, was born.


Opening the presskit I read “Extreme Caribbean Music”. Without hesitating, I am already prepared: a piña colada in my hand and a deckchair in my garden (because you know, no beach nearby). So, I start this EP of three tracks Plymouth Under Ashes and I am transported, during the intro, on a Caribbean beach thanks to the exotic percussions. Then BAM, I hear big visceral screams and my piña colada, and I find ourselves in the middle of a pit.

More seriously, overall, I think that Montserrat has a real concept which needs to be dug into. This mixture of extreme metal and exotic rhythms could be hell of an original sound identity. Even if I quite liked the concept Plymouth Under Ashes has its flaws, a few small missteps that are however quite normal in the context of a first EP. The songs sometimes lack links between their different parts, the transitions are a bit abrupt between the rhythmic variations.

In general, I have found the EP very nice, it is a good start for a first production, but it lacks explosion, violence. On several occasions, I was waiting for this explosion and preparing myself to break everything, but it never came. After the rise of energy, the song goes calm again and we almost return to an “intro situation” regarding the rhythm. For an EP that is about a natural disaster, here a volcanic eruption, I would have expected something either more violent in rhythmic terms, or more representative of the desolation caused by such an event.

My favourite track is Plymouth under Ashes, the first title of the EP because I find the sound identity interesting, and I think the band should work more on this mix of exotic sounds and extreme metal. Montserrat offers an innovative concept with a true story behind it, and they have everything to gain by going all for this crossed exotic/metal identity.

In short, if you want to discover and give a chance to a band that is just starting to unfold, I recommend you have a look at Montserrat’s first EP Plymouth Under Ashes and keep an eye on their future productions.

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