2021 starts well for Harakiri for the Sky which has just released its 5th album « Maere » this Friday, 19th of February at AOP Records.

You can find more information about where and how to get your copy and all Harakiri for the Sky’s merchandising on their Facebook page.

For the nosy ones, Harakiri for the Sky is an Austrian post-black metal duo formed back in 2011 which worth it if you love powerful emotions and music which pierces your heart and gets you right there. We had the opportunity to meet Matthias and JJ during an interview done at the Kavka in Antwerp. Interested in reading it? You can find it here.

I leave you with their surprising and breath-taking cover of “Song To Say Goodbye” by Placebo which was released on Harakiri for the Sky’s latest album, Maere.

Listening to Maere:

To know more about Harakiri for the Sky: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, et YouTube.