If you were at the Hellfest for the 2019 edition, you may not be unfamiliar with the name Fallen Lillies. And if, like me, you weren’t there, I invite you to urgently discover this French girls band brimming with energy. Their latest video clip, “Puppet Show”, released on February 7th, clearly made me want to know a little more about this female quartet.

Hélène (singer), Laura (guitarist), Ludivine (bassist) and Marine (drummer) tell us a bit more about Fallen Lillies, Puppet Show, and upcoming projects.

“Fallen Lillies is four girls who party, who hang out in concert halls, whose varnish is flaked, and who don’t try to fit into the mold of the woman who is kindly waiting for her glass slipper to be brought back. The clichés, which are attributed to the perfect woman, we don’t give a damn and we say so !

The band has existed for more than seven years now, we are above all friends. All four of us from Montbléliard met each other in junior high school and high school. We have released 2 EPs, made two tours in England, a hundred dates across France and other neighboring countries and we had the incredible chance to win the contest The Voice of Hell in 2019 to play at the opening of the Hellfest.

Fallen Lillies Hellfest
Photo Simon Grumeau

“Puppet Show” talks about the influence of different media in everyday life and the negative effects they have on life. Musically it’s the song that best suits our style and what we are looking for, we always oscillate a bit between punk, metal, hard rock. Our songs always tend towards one style more than the other and for that reason “Puppet Show” is a mix of all that ! This track is one of our favorites from the new album and we immediately projected ourselves on a scenario with it. So it was natural for us that it became the first music video of the album.

We wrote the script, chose the sets and extras. We organized almost everything ourselves and we were lucky enough to be really well surrounded. Hastro Production did a great job and we would like to thank all the people who helped us during the day. As for anecdotes, the black banners with the media names were hand made by Hélène (the singer). On the paper, they were supposed to cover the whole head, but in fact they didn’t fit at all… For the “real life” scenes, in reality there was no television in the flat, but the Hastro Production team was well equipped and we were able to cheat ! On the live scenes, we had to play the song more than ten times to get all the shots. After a whole year without a concert, back on the stage was intense ! We really had a great shooting day, it was great !

Currently we are preparing the release of our first album from which the title “Puppet Show” is derived. We can’t wait to release it but for the moment we are waiting patiently for the moment to be able to defend it on stage (not possible at the moment!). Many dates are already planned to promote it in the coming year. And when we start to miss the studio, we hope to be able to go back there for a second album !”.

The message has got through ! We are therefore looking forward to discovering this first album and we hope to see Fallen Lillies on stage again soon.

In the meantime, I leave you with “Puppet Show” …

Photo : Nath Vince