A smashing debut single for Dear Mother

That’s it, the big day has arrived ! This Friday at 12.00 pm we discovered Dear Mother‘s very first single entitled “12 Years In Exile”. It is accompanied by a quality music video without extravagance, directed by David Pear, where you can simply appreciate the performance of the three musicians : Merel Bechtold (Mayan, ex-Delain) on guitar, Joey Marin de Boer (Delain) on drums and David Hruska on vocals.

Last spring the Dear Mother project came out of the shadows by launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance their debut album. It was the subject of my very first article in Metal Overload when I joined the team, and Joey Marin gave me an interview on that occasion (available HERE).

A smashing debut single for Dear Mother

After several months of patience, we were looking forward to finally discover the sound of Dear Mother, and personally, from the first listening I was conquered by “12 Years in Exile”. I didn’t know David Hruska’s voice at all until now and I was amazed by its power. The music is not left out : it’s modern, it’s clean, it takes you by the guts, in short, it’s something you ask for more of !

We are now looking forward to the release of the album, scheduled for 2021.

Enough chatting, the music video is to be discovered just below. To be listened to and shared without moderation. Congrats Dear Mother’s guys !


“12 Years in Exile” is also available on streaming platforms.

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