« Alpha », the new Persona’s single is out !

For those who don’t know them yet, Persona is a melodic metal band founded in Tunisia in 2012 by guitarist Melik Melek Khelifa and singer Jelena Dobric. The first album, “Elusive Reflections”, was released in 2016, followed closely by “Metamorphis” in 2017. Since its creation, Persona has been on stage many times, opening for Xandria and then Myrath in 2017.

This Thursday, the band releases “Alpha”, their latest single, accompanied by a music video that plunges us into a prison atmosphere, the quality of which simply amazed me. The costumes, the make-up and the sets have obviously been the subject of real attention and give the video, directed by CTG Studio, a certain cachet. Musically speaking, Persona surprises the connoisseurs here by displaying a more aggressive tone than the previous titles. Jelena proves that she masters different registers by easily alternating scream and melodic lines. Although less present, the oriental touch that I appreciate a lot in the musical identity of the band is still there.



“Alpha” will be available for purchase by 4 November, and a crowfunding campaign has already been announced for the third album, which should be released in 2021. (More info here).

Here are a few words from Persona about their actuality :

“The new Persona has a more modern style. We’ve moved a little bit away from the symphonic metal of our early days to melodic metal/melodic death metal. We welcome two new members in the team: Simon Schröder on drums and Eike Hendrix Nehen on bass, and we are now based in Europe: between Paris and Hannover.

Our new single, “Alpha”, evokes the dark side that exists in all of us and which can sometimes become omnipotent.

As for the next album, three tracks have already been finalised and seven more are planned. Some are at the demo stage and others are still in the writing and composition stage. The confinement period has mostly had an effect on the planned concerts; we had quite a few scheduled and were looking forward to going on stage with our new band . As for the composition itself, there hasn’t been too many repercussions”.


Persona band


We wish them as much success as with their music video, “Blinded“, which has now reached 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Line-up 2020 :

Jelena Dobric – Vocals
Melik Melek Khelifa – Guitars
Yosri Ouada – Guitars
Eike H. Nehen – Bass
Simon Schröder – Drums

Follow Persona on their official website, their Facebook page, their Instagram, and on Bandcamp.