Come on, here comes Orkhys !

Orkhys … Doesn’t that mean anything to you ? It’s normal, it just came out !

A few weeks ago we learned via social networks about the existence of this French band that I would classify, after listening to the first single, somewhere between the categories of melodic metal, power metal and heavy/thrash metal.

The rhythm section is wildly led by Jean-Yves Chateaux (whom I had already seen at work in Lurking) on drums, and Julien Lancelot on bass. Brice Duhet, composer and arranger, is the guitarist, and Laurène Telennaria, singer, writes the lyrics and plays the harp parts. Yes, it’s original and I don’t know about you, but personally, I can’t wait to see it live.

Come on, here comes Orkhys !

The video, “The End Of Lies”, was unveiled on Monday 07 September. It is taken from the first EP, “Awakening”, announced for this autumn.

It is directed by Cécile Delpoïo whose work on Asylum Pyre  and Remember the Light clips has already been appreciated.

The band describes their music as follows :

“ORKHYS presents a strong duality: a melodic, epic aspect brought by a symphonic universe, magnified by the presence of a Celtic harp and the presence of powerful and uncompromising riffs borrowed from heavy, thrash and black metal”.


No more chatting, time for music, I leave you to “The End Of Lies” !



Pic by Eloïse Le Névanic