New voice for Sleeping Romance

The Italian symphonic metal band Sleeping Romance recently announced the arrival of their new singer: Lina Victoria.

Originally from Morocco and living in Paris, Lina succeeds Federica Lanna whose departure was announced last May. She gave us a few words for the occasion :

“Keeping that big secret was clearly hard ! I obviously let my closest circle in on it but I had to keep a lot of people in the dark since July. I think that right after I got the news, I couldn’t really wrap my head around it since nothing had concretely changed in my life and everything was done long distance. But little by little, the news caught up with my reality since I had to travel to Italy for the photo shoots and demo recordings for the next album. The only thing left for me to fully realize what’s happening is hitting the stage and singing in front of a crowd, and I guess it’s not going to be anytime soon given the situation !

I have to say I had never planned to join such a professional band so quickly. After I decided 2 years ago to dedicate more time to my French band Abhcan, I imagined it would grow slowly but steadily and I was cool with it. Then I happened to see that former Sleeping Romance singer was leaving the band and I thought I’d try my luck on the spot. I was then contacted by the band asking me to provide more information regarding my musical background as a singer. After a few old songs recording and group conversations with everybody – that took a few weeks – they told me I was in !

The next months and even the current ones have already made me reorganize my schedule. Aside from singing, I work in Marketing Strategy, I’m an illustrator and a manga author, therefore I’d like to keep all my activities as long as possible. I fortunately have my whole independence with Sleeping Romance and Abhcan, even though it’s a consequent workload. Right now, we try to take advantage of the long-distance tools to record the demos, while also meeting from time to time in Italy to record with everybody. I’ll just have to include these trips on my regular schedule !”

The quintet currently has realeased two albums : Enlighten, in 2013 by Ulterium Records and Alba, in 2017 by Napalm Records.

Lina Victoria joins Federico Truzzi (Guitars and production), Marco Cilloni (Bass), Francesco Zanarelli (Drums) and Mattia Todescato (Guitars) for the continuation of the Sleeping Romance adventure.

We keep an eye on them !


Sleeping Romance