News from Insomnium

A few days ago, we discovered “The Reticent”, the latest single of the Finnish band Insomnium. Without any surprise, this new track offers the favourite recipe of this melodic death metal band in all its splendour : a dark atmosphere, some transcending passages with clear voices, powerful choruses and a big distortion on which the bassist Niilo Sevänen does his growls, and, icing on the cake, a melodic lead guitar which always matches the vocal lines perfectly. Insomnium is a real guitar/vocal duo that fully complement each other.

Let’s not lie, most of the tracks in the band’s discography sound very similar. Their musical identity is very marked and some will say that they didn’t try very hard. For those who love Insomnium, they’ll probably say to themselves: “Oh no, it’s already over ! And then click on “watch again” at the end of the song !


The new single is accompanied by a black and white video clip featuring the band which is directed by Vesa Ranta. Guitarist Ville Friman is absent, as he was unfortunately unable to join the rest of the band for the clip due to the pandemic.

Some words from Ville Friman about “The Reticent” :
“The past year has been a difficult one. People have lost their loved ones, jobs and livelihoods. Hope has been replaced by fear, anxiety and uncertainty. We have all been forced to live our lives in isolation, detached both physically and mentally. This song is about all those feelings. An inner dialogue of hope and hopelessness. During this time, music has been a source of comfort and solace. Something to rely on and return to. And while we have become withdrawn and reticent, our music tolls now ever stronger.” 

Insomnium has remained very active in recent months. Their latest album, Heart Like a Grave, was released in October 2019. Last March, the video for “The Conjurer” (which is not on the album) was released. On 24th of April, the band performed the entire album “Shadows of the Dying Sun” (released in 2014 and which I highly recommend if you are discovering the band now) in a live stream entitled “The Shadows Stream”.

Many dates have already been announced for the end of the year.
First of all, a tour in Finland and Estonia with Finntroll :
17.09.2021 Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo
18.09.2021 Turku, Logomo
24.09.2021 Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo
25.09.2021 Oulu, Tullisali
30.09.2021 Jyväskylä
01.10.2021 Tampere, Tullikamarin Pakkahoune
03.10.2021 Tallinna, Helitehas

And then a European tour :
26.11.2021 Leipzig (Germany) – Hellraiser
27.11.2021 Salzburg (Austria) – Rockhouse
28.11.2021 Wien (Austria) – WUK
30.11.2021 Köln (Germany) – Essigfabrik
01.12.2021 Utrecht (Netherlands) – Tivoli
02.12.2021 Nijmegen (Netherlands) – Doornroosje
03.12.2021 Paris (France) – La Machine
04.12.2021 Grenoble (France) – Ilyade
05.12.2021 Straßbourg (France) – La Laiterie
06.12.2021 Nürnberg (Germany) – Hirsch
07.12.2021 Prag (Czech Republic) – Futurum
08.12.2021 Berlin (Germany) – Metropol
10.12.2021 Stockholm (Sweden) – Klubben
11.12.2021 Oslo (Norway) – Vulkan
12.12.2021 Gothenborg (Sweden) – Pustervik
13.12.2021 Copenhagen (Denmark) – Pumpehuset
14.12.2021 Hamburg (Germany) – Grünspan
15.12.2021 Aschaffenburg (Germany) – Colos-Saal
16.12.2021 Munich (Germany) – Backstage Werk
17.12.2021 Mannheim (Germany) – MS Connexion
18.12.2021 Pratteln (Switzerland) – Z7
19.12.2021 Stuttgart (Germany) – Wiezemann
20.12.2021 Bremen (Germany) – Tivoli

So, are you ready to go see them again ?


Akiavel, my favourite of the moment

Last week I saw some news about a band that was unknown to me until then : Akiavel. I ended up satisfying my curiosity and went to have a look at their latest music video, Frozen Beauties, released on April 2nd. And it was simply love at first sight, THE thing that you play over and over again when you have the opportunity to do so … In short, four minutes of pure musical and visual pleasure. After an intro with creepy dark sounds against a backdrop of a walk in the woods, we are given a big slap. I leave you the surprise for those who don’t know the band yet… To get you in the mood, Frozen Beauties is inspired by the story of a mother and her daughter with cannibalistic tendencies, who committed about twenty murders at the beginning of the 20th century … I’ll just put it down here.

The videoclip presents a bloody romantic story, interspersed with great shots of the four musicians and their beautiful instruments (yes, that’s important !). And if, like me, you think this guitar is really cool, you can check it out right here => Dariusguitarz .



So I went digging to find out a little more about this quartet from the South of France. The band defines itself as “A visceral combination of groove, thrash, black and old-school death metal, with melodic riffs and a touch of hardcore.” Akiavel is clearly hungry for new things, as after releasing their first album in February 2020 entitled “V”, they are already offering a second opus, “Væ Victis”, for April 23, 2021. Pre-orders are already open !


In the meantime, there is plenty to look forward to on the band’s YouTube channel, which is already well stocked. No less than four music videos have already been made in 2020-2021. Akiavel never rests !

Also check out their live session with two tracks recorded during Metal Injection’s virtual festival ‘Slay at home’ (video below).

We can’t wait for the release of Væ Victis and, a little later, the resumption of the concerts to go headbanging with Akiavel.


Photo : Mr Cana Photography


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Meeting Fallen Lillies …

Meeting Fallen Lillies …

If you were at the Hellfest for the 2019 edition, you may not be unfamiliar with the name Fallen Lillies. And if, like me, you weren’t there, I invite you to urgently discover this French girls band brimming with energy. Their latest video clip, “Puppet Show”, released on February 7th, clearly made me want to know a little more about this female quartet.

Hélène (singer), Laura (guitarist), Ludivine (bassist) and Marine (drummer) tell us a bit more about Fallen Lillies, Puppet Show, and upcoming projects.

“Fallen Lillies is four girls who party, who hang out in concert halls, whose varnish is flaked, and who don’t try to fit into the mold of the woman who is kindly waiting for her glass slipper to be brought back. The clichés, which are attributed to the perfect woman, we don’t give a damn and we say so !

The band has existed for more than seven years now, we are above all friends. All four of us from Montbléliard met each other in junior high school and high school. We have released 2 EPs, made two tours in England, a hundred dates across France and other neighboring countries and we had the incredible chance to win the contest The Voice of Hell in 2019 to play at the opening of the Hellfest.

Fallen Lillies Hellfest
Photo Simon Grumeau

“Puppet Show” talks about the influence of different media in everyday life and the negative effects they have on life. Musically it’s the song that best suits our style and what we are looking for, we always oscillate a bit between punk, metal, hard rock. Our songs always tend towards one style more than the other and for that reason “Puppet Show” is a mix of all that ! This track is one of our favorites from the new album and we immediately projected ourselves on a scenario with it. So it was natural for us that it became the first music video of the album.

We wrote the script, chose the sets and extras. We organized almost everything ourselves and we were lucky enough to be really well surrounded. Hastro Production did a great job and we would like to thank all the people who helped us during the day. As for anecdotes, the black banners with the media names were hand made by Hélène (the singer). On the paper, they were supposed to cover the whole head, but in fact they didn’t fit at all… For the “real life” scenes, in reality there was no television in the flat, but the Hastro Production team was well equipped and we were able to cheat ! On the live scenes, we had to play the song more than ten times to get all the shots. After a whole year without a concert, back on the stage was intense ! We really had a great shooting day, it was great !

Currently we are preparing the release of our first album from which the title “Puppet Show” is derived. We can’t wait to release it but for the moment we are waiting patiently for the moment to be able to defend it on stage (not possible at the moment!). Many dates are already planned to promote it in the coming year. And when we start to miss the studio, we hope to be able to go back there for a second album !”.

The message has got through ! We are therefore looking forward to discovering this first album and we hope to see Fallen Lillies on stage again soon.

In the meantime, I leave you with “Puppet Show” …

Photo : Nath Vince

A smashing debut single for Dear Mother

A smashing debut single for Dear Mother

That's it, the big day has arrived ! This Friday at 12.00 pm we discovered Dear Mother's very first single entitled "12 Years In Exile". It is accompanied by a quality music video without extravagance, directed by David Pear, where you can simply appreciate the performance of the three musicians : Merel Bechtold (Mayan, ex-Delain) on guitar, Joey Marin de Boer (Delain) on drums and David Hruska on vocals.

Last spring the Dear Mother project came out of the shadows by launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance their debut album. It was the subject of my very first article in Metal Overload when I joined the team, and Joey Marin gave me an interview on that occasion (available HERE).

After several months of patience, we were looking forward to finally discover the sound of Dear Mother, and personally, from the first listening I was conquered by "12 Years in Exile". I didn't know David Hruska's voice at all until now and I was amazed by its power. The music is not left out : it's modern, it's clean, it takes you by the guts, in short, it's something you ask for more of !

We are now looking forward to the release of the album, scheduled for 2021.

Enough chatting, the music video is to be discovered just below. To be listened to and shared without moderation. Congrats Dear Mother's guys !


"12 Years in Exile" is also available on streaming platforms.

To follow Dear Mother :

Facebook :

Instagram :


Persona band

« Alpha », the new Persona's single is out !

For those who don't know them yet, Persona is a melodic metal band founded in Tunisia in 2012 by guitarist Melik Melek Khelifa and singer Jelena Dobric. The first album, "Elusive Reflections", was released in 2016, followed closely by "Metamorphis" in 2017. Since its creation, Persona has been on stage many times, opening for Xandria and then Myrath in 2017.

This Thursday, the band releases "Alpha", their latest single, accompanied by a music video that plunges us into a prison atmosphere, the quality of which simply amazed me. The costumes, the make-up and the sets have obviously been the subject of real attention and give the video, directed by CTG Studio, a certain cachet. Musically speaking, Persona surprises the connoisseurs here by displaying a more aggressive tone than the previous titles. Jelena proves that she masters different registers by easily alternating scream and melodic lines. Although less present, the oriental touch that I appreciate a lot in the musical identity of the band is still there.


"Alpha" will be available for purchase by 4 November, and a crowfunding campaign has already been announced for the third album, which should be released in 2021. (More info here).

Here are a few words from Persona about their actuality :

"The new Persona has a more modern style. We've moved a little bit away from the symphonic metal of our early days to melodic metal/melodic death metal. We welcome two new members in the team: Simon Schröder on drums and Eike Hendrix Nehen on bass, and we are now based in Europe: between Paris and Hannover.

Our new single, "Alpha", evokes the dark side that exists in all of us and which can sometimes become omnipotent.

As for the next album, three tracks have already been finalised and seven more are planned. Some are at the demo stage and others are still in the writing and composition stage. The confinement period has mostly had an effect on the planned concerts; we had quite a few scheduled and were looking forward to going on stage with our new band . As for the composition itself, there hasn't been too many repercussions".


Persona band


We wish them as much success as with their music video, "Blinded", which has now reached 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Line-up 2020 :

Jelena Dobric - Vocals
Melik Melek Khelifa - Guitars
Yosri Ouada - Guitars
Eike H. Nehen - Bass
Simon Schröder - Drums

Follow Persona on their official website, their Facebook page, their Instagram, and on Bandcamp.



Come on, here comes Orkhys !

Come on, here comes Orkhys !

Orkhys ... Doesn't that mean anything to you ? It's normal, it just came out !

A few weeks ago we learned via social networks about the existence of this French band that I would classify, after listening to the first single, somewhere between the categories of melodic metal, power metal and heavy/thrash metal.

The rhythm section is wildly led by Jean-Yves Chateaux (whom I had already seen at work in Lurking) on drums, and Julien Lancelot on bass. Brice Duhet, composer and arranger, is the guitarist, and Laurène Telennaria, singer, writes the lyrics and plays the harp parts. Yes, it's original and I don't know about you, but personally, I can't wait to see it live.

The video, "The End Of Lies", was unveiled on Monday 07 September. It is taken from the first EP, "Awakening", announced for this autumn.

It is directed by Cécile Delpoïo whose work on Asylum Pyre  and Remember the Light clips has already been appreciated.

The band describes their music as follows :

"ORKHYS presents a strong duality: a melodic, epic aspect brought by a symphonic universe, magnified by the presence of a Celtic harp and the presence of powerful and uncompromising riffs borrowed from heavy, thrash and black metal".


No more chatting, time for music, I leave you to "The End Of Lies" !


Pic by Eloïse Le Névanic


Do you know Pokerface ?

Do you know Pokerface ?

Yes ? No ? Maybe?

The recent publication of the guitar playthrough of the talented Xen Ritter allows me to introduce you to this thrash band from Russia. Since its creation in 2013, Pokerface has toured Europe several times (including dates in the North of France and Belgium) as well as opening for well known bands of the metal scene such as Megadeth, Sepultura or Children Of Bodom. Influenced notably by Slayer, Testament, Arch Enemy or Sodom, Pokerface serves us a powerful and dynamic thrash/death, enhanced by the sometimes clear, sometimes growled vocals of the beautiful Alexandra, alias Lady Owl.

I leave you with the video of Xen interpreting « The Song of My Revenge », taken from the latest EP "The Greatest Storm", released in early 2019. A video clip on the same track was released at the end of May. Go to the band's YouTube channel to see more!



Credit Photo : Aukovnikov Andrey


The Darkest of human desires - Act II

Contest, musicvideo and album for PORN !

PORN has recently recorded their first musicvideo of their new album “The Darkest of human desires – Act II”.

To celebrate the imminent release of their video and album, you can win a PORN PACK including a T-Shirt, a cap, some CDs, … To try to win this PORN PACK, you just need to guess which song of the new album has been transformed in a musicvideo !

All information and also a little making-of of the musicvideo is in this video. Good Luck !

The new album “The Darkest of human desires – Act II”, mixed by Tom Baker ( Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Disturbed…), will be released on February 22nd.

The 1st single “My rottten realm” is now available !

Orders are now opened : signed CD digipack + signed poster and sticker : here

Almost Humans

Nouvel album et clip pour Almøst Human

ALMØST HUMAN Have a Message for You: “Welcome 2 Neverland!”

About six years after their debut EP ‘Ø’, Swiss metallers Almøst Human will release their long-awaited album called XS2XTC’ on February 1st for CD & Digital editions through Fastball Music / Soulfood Music GmbH.

In addition to the official announcement, the band also shared a first single from their upcoming album with the song “Welcome 2 Neverland” available right now on YouTube.

This song ‘Welcome 2 Neverland’ is about the nostalgia of a lost paradise; that of early childhood. The illusion of being attentive, feeding by the bottomless power of our desires. The shores of the imaginary land will forever be lands of frustration as long as we are children in an adult body.
Ben Plüss (Vocals)

For more information :


Sercati, a videomusic for “Cathartic Bomb”

Sercati are thrilled to present their new videomusic of “Cathartic Bomb” taken from the album “Devoted, Demons and Mavericks” out via Wormholedeath, Aural Music Group and The Orchard.

In this song, the story is told by another character. Thalis, a fallen angel, has been jailed in the purgatory since long.
She starts to become crazy when she remembers how she was captured.
Her revenge against the Nightstalker and Lucifer will arrive soon.

Steve Fabry