A year ago, we proposed the interview of Philippe Deschemin aka Mr Strangler, singer of the band PORN on the occasion of the release of “The Darkest Part Of Human Desires – Act II”.

Today, I will debrief the events that have taken place since the release and present the third album that will be released on March 27th, 2020!

Hello how are you? Are you impatient to present your new album “No Monsters In God’s Eyes – Act III”? How do you feel about the end of this trilogy?

Finally an interview in French! We have just given a series of interviews in English for several American, English, Canadian and German radios and magazines. It’s always nice to chat with French media, and that in the language of Molière.

We could speak of mixed feelings. At the same time, sadness but also happiness and pride to have given birth to a complete trilogy which found echo with an audience which, with all our astonishment, doesn’t cease growing exponentially since the release of the first act: “The Ogre Inside “.
I recently spoke with Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) who expressed his admiration. He was talking to me about the recording sessions of “Downward Spiral” from NIN, which is also a concept album, as well as “Antichrist Superstar” from Manson, on which he also worked. Finding an echo among the public and musicians you admire is certainly the greatest satisfaction that a musician can have. To hear Chris Vrenna telling me : “This is incredible”… It’s now possible thanks to Mr Strangler, and with this new opus ends our adventure with him.

So there’s a little sadness, but you have to know how to say goodbye. Everything comes to an end.

PORN - No Monsters In God's Eyes

Before talking about it further, how was the tour that followed the release of “The Darkest Of Human Desires – Act II”? Do you have any memorable concerts or moments that you would like to share with us? Have you had the opportunity to play in new countries?

We gave a series of concerts including a beautiful date in Paris at the FGO, however all the dates remain good memories.

We have crazy fans, like the characters we play with PORN! We also collaborated with several bands as part of remixes (“Hante”, “Fragrance”, “Entropy Zero”, “An Erotic End Of Times”…). It’s a great experience. And also a strange feeling because hearing your own songs remixed and rearranged in a different way is always destabilizing at the start. But it is part of the rock industrial tradition, so we are happy to do that.
We went to shoot clips in California and around Zurich. These are highlights and allow us to gain experience because the best way to learn is to work with those who work with the biggests. We had the chance to work with Tom Baker on Act II. This guy worked with NIN, Ministry, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson… For the new album, we collaborated with Brian Lucey who worked with Ghost, Manson, Depeche Mode… We are so few French bands to have this privilege, with the particularity at PORN that we are an indie and DIY band… All of this is possible thanks to our fans around the world, we are aware of it and savor it all the time…

Have new doors, hitherto closed, opened for you? (Festivals, magazines, radios,…)

We never felt like we had doors closed. Or they are, but we are not aware of it. To find out, we would have to try to open the door. For the moment, no door has remained closed when we tried to open it. To tell the truth, we don’t do things like the others, we follow our own path, essentially outside of France as you know. Therefore, there are doors that we don’t look at…
I know nevertheless that our marginality is worth to us enmities in the “medium”, there is a lot of jealousy unfortunately. When there should be mutual help… But when you’ve been touring for years with the only objective of earning an intermittence, that you don’t sell enough or don’t stream enough to produce clips, work with big producers… I understand that you can become a hater. I will advise these people to immerse themselves in Kropotkin «L’Entraide, un facteur de l’évolution» (Translated : “Mutual aid, a factor in evolution”) . There is however a good nucleus of motivated and goodwill French bands in France, it’s extremely motivating. We pay little attention to negativity and frustration, we reach out to everyone.

Together we are always stronger.

In the previous interview, you told us that Mr Stangler, interpreted by you, was fighting against this ogre who was in him and that the ogre had finally won leaving Mr Strangler to indulge in murder for pleasure. Seeing that you’re Mr Strangler, if you could kill anyone in the way of your choice without any repercussions behind. Who would he be and how would you kill her/him?

I think I would kill a lot of people… With hands of course. A strangulation certainly, of the type Baseball Choke or Ezekiel to see my victim’s panicked eyes. The name of Mr Strangler comes from there, from my taste for strangulations in combat sports, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Grappling essentially.

The songs on the third album were almost all written at the time. Have you changed anything since then or has time confirmed your ideas?

No, there has been no particular change.

If we follow the clips and the lyrics of the three songs “High Summer Sun”, “A Lovely Day” and “Some Happy Moments”, Mr Strangler would have been caught and gone from anger to questioning:

“I feel the end but I am not sorry. How could I be ? Teach me, I am not sorry. But I am ready for it”
Extracted from “Some Happy Moments”

Could you tell us more about these stages and its history since the second album?

In the second act, Mr Strangler arrives at adulthood, and he accepts himself. After having struggled with his own nature personified by the inner ogre (“The Ogre Inside”), he made peace with himself and became Mr Strangler. He lets himself go to his murderous desires. These desires that he held back in Act I, understanding that he was a killer, but did not accept it by social pressure. Thus, during all of Act II, he indulged in his passion with his team and ended up getting caught. He ends up in prison in this new album.

Act III is an album on confinement, prison, psychiatric confinement. He faces his death, cut off from society. The passage to which you refer expresses its impossibility to be empathetic. He realizes it. He wants to be sorry, but he can’t be. Considered a monster, a non-human, he reminds us that he is a being of God and that thus, we are all creatures of God. Even the worst monster is a creature of God. I do not believe in God. But I find it amusing to remind this to believers, who have this tendency to consider the one who does not believe like them as being outside of humanity… This also evokes a little the Necessitarianism in philosophy…

You also told me that you had created a trilogy because you felt limited by the number of songs that a single album allowed to express your concept. Now that the third and last album is finished, do you think you were able to express everything you wanted?

Not entirely because there are things that remain unexplained in the trilogy and for which I have the answers. Like Strangler’s irrepressible urge to kill… So we will find again Strangler so that we can go further in history. Maybe in a novel or a comic book…

Your next tour “No Monsters In God’s Eyes Tour 2020” will pass through Milan, Lyon, Paris and Nantes. Can you already reveal other confirmed dates or tell us which other country (ies) you could cover? Do you think a date in Belgium will be scheduled?

We are very focused on the studio. We are touring, but we favor beautiful dates in beautiful halls in order to be able to deliver a show worthy of the name to our fans. We are more interested in the satisfaction of our fans than going to scrape a fee. We have a solid fan base that ensures the sustainability of the band without having to go to play in irrelevant festivals or in festivals at 10am, imagining that it will boost your career… After you end up whining because you still have no more than 1000 listeners on Spotify… With PORN not that. We respect our fans more than we need to scratch false visibility and we prefer quality to quantity.

What about the future of PORN now that this trilogy is over? Do you think in the future to go back on the same concept style with a story? Or maybe you already have something different in mind?

First of all as for the previous opus of the trilogy, we are going to release the remixes of Act III. We had the honor of bringing in bands like Combichrist, Orgy, Stabbing Westward, Chris Vrenna from NIN, Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, The Anix, Ash Code, Lluther… We are very proud of it! And what better way to pay tribute to the last breath of Mr Strangler than to involve all these large bands?
Then a new story will start, I will not say more, but it will happen very quickly.

As usual we leave you the last word to speak to your fans and our readers.

We are PORN, you are PORN. You are Mr Strangler.

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