More live pictures of this night available here.


The last weekend of February, I was in Le Havre, in France, for a 100% female rock night organised by the New Noise association. And as it was crazy, I thought I had to tell you about it.

Noise on Stage

The event, called “Noise on Stage”, takes place at the Tetris, a cultural structure located in the Tourneville fort overlooking Le Havre. Tonight’s concerts will be held in the “small” Rubik’s Club, which has a capacity of 200 people (standing). And definitively, it’s good to be on your feet for a gig!

On the ad, we find three girl bands with different styles, the evening promises to be varied. Anarchicks is a punk rock quartet from Lisbon, Jades comes from the Paris region with hard rock songs, and finally, Les Filles d’Odin come from Rouen and offer a set of rock/punk covers of mainly female artists like L7 or Joan Jett.

Noise on stage

A risky gamble for New Noise as no local band was playing that night. We’ll have to rely on the curiosity of the surrounding audience to fill the venue. With a relatively high (but justified) entrance fee for tickets bought on the spot (16€), the bet is even more risky.

During the evening, I exchange a few words with Nicolas from New Noise who explains how they set up this set: “I discovered the bands on YouTube, I contacted them and they all accepted to play. We tried to find other dates on the road for Anarchicks but we didn’t get many responses, and the ones we did get were negative unfortunately.”

The live

At 8.30 pm Les Filles d’Odin kick off the show. There are only four of us when the first notes ring out, but the audience arrives quickly. The start is a little shy, the girls are obviously not used to big stages, but they are smiling and the applause gradually gives them confidence. The band remains very static on one half of the stage while on the other side they allow themselves a little more movement. The songs follow one another in a fluid way on rock classics, and we are also entitled to a revisited version of the famous “Partenaire Particulièr(e)” which seems to have been unanimously approved by the audience.

Les Filles d'Odin

In thirty minutes, Les Filles d’Odin take up the challenge of warming up the room for the evening. The audience is receptive and the five musicians seem to be fulfilled.

Noise on stage
Noise on stage

It’s time for the set change. As the bar is not in the Club, it is emptied between the bands’ performances, leaving the time for the musicians to settle down quietly.

Jades is not unknown to me and I am delighted to find them on the nice stage of the Tetris. The four girls start their set in front of a slightly larger audience, everyone is hot and impatient after the performance of Les Filles d’Odin. The style changes here: hats and sequins are part of the show and the guitars are more aggressive, making us switch subtly to hard rock and even a touch of metal. The atmosphere in the room goes to a crescendo, the regular interventions of Lyndsay (bassist and singer) and Cherry (guitarist and backing vocalist) between songs create a special bond with the audience. There are even a few seconds of pogo in the middle of the set.

On stage, it also moves quite a bit despite the high-heeled shoes. The four musicians play with each other and give each other knowing glances, an osmosis that is a pleasure to see and can be felt in the band’s dynamics.


The hour-long set traditionally ends with the Runaways’ famous cover of ‘Cherry Bomb’. Guitarist Cherry takes over the lead vocals, leaving Lyndsay free to go down into the pit.

Noise on stage
Noise on stage

Second break. After all these emotions, we head for the bar to refresh ourselves before Anarchicks. The Portuguese come on stage to close this crazy evening as it should be. The trip from Lisbon has obviously not exhausted the four overexcited musicians. No sooner had they taken the stage than the heat in the room went up a notch. No need to ask the audience to come closer, they are already at the front of the stage! It’s a pleasure for the band, but it is very difficult to take pictures! Anarchicks will be my good surprise of the evening. The four girls are very comfortable on stage and give off an impressive communicative energy. If they come close to your home one day, you can take your ticket. I promise you won’t regret it.


And it’s already the end of the evening. New Noise succeeded because the room was well filled and the audience of Le Havre seems to have been conquered by Les Filles d’Odin, Jades and Anarchicks who set the stage of the Tetris on fire. The merch stand was well attended and, after a last drink, we left with a smile on our faces and humming a few choruses.

Noise on stage
Noise on stage

A big congratulations to the three bands and to the New Noise and Tetris teams who offered us a quality show without any hitch. Talented musicians, a nice stage, a clean sound and a top-notch organisation, in short, a crazy evening, I told you so!