Hi Philip, how are you? We’re really happy to have you here on our webzine.

Hi! Thank you for having me! I’m doing great thanks!

Can you please describe your band for the people who didn’t know you yet ? Can you also explain us why did you call your band “Normandie” ? Is it linked to the French region ?

We’re a Swedish rock band that’s heavy enough to have death metal fans but poppy enough to be your parents favourite band haha. We just wanted a name that sounded good when you said it and had some kind of power connected to it. Another great band name was the band Napoleon so we decided to go with something on N. It was a great fit cause Normands means people of the north, and we’re from Sweden.

You had to go deep into yourself for this album and to face some personal experiences that were kept hidden. How did you do that? Do you have some tips to do that aswell for us?

It was a lot of trial and error, but writing stuff down really helped. To just sit and think make your brain go all over the place but if you’re writing towards a direction it’s easier to keep focus. I did it while writing the music in the studio.

I’ve seen in an explanation of the album the following explanation for the name of the album :
“The reason it’s called “Dark & Beautiful Secrets” is because darkness doesn’t really have to be ugly or negative.”
What, during yourself introspective and in your hidden secrets, have you found beautiful ? How do you feel now about all the work you’ve done on that?

A lot of things really. When I was a kid I was very ashamed of my religious upbringing. Sweden is very atheist, so I was pretty much the only openly christian kid. Now I’m proud of that upbringing cause it gave me a lot of good sides like compassion and a deeper thinking.

Nearly each song is related to a secret or an event that happened to you. Is it true? Can you give us some examples? Which messages or values would you like to transmit with this album seeing that ?

Yeah! There’s a bunch of different stories, all leading up to the same conclusion that you are who you are thanks to your past, and the mistakes you’ve done can teach you how to live for a better future. It’s an album about opening up and letting your past out there so you don’t have to carry it all yourself. Holy Water is about my experience as a kid in religion, Babylon is about all the different identities I’ve tried, Hostage is about my experiences with depression and Mission Control is about missing the divine.

Which song would you recommend to start listening to your music? What is your favorite one and why?

I would probably try Hostage, White Flag, Babylon and then Holy Water. Can be a good mix of hooky and heavy.

Do you realize yourself your music videos? How do you find a way to interpreted your personal experience ?

Yeah most of the time I draw up a picture that I have in my mind and then we see if we can bring that to life. With Hostage I wanted a therapy session with myself in different stages of my life, Holy Water I wanted to have dancers “walking on water” like Jesus and Babylon I wanted to have like a doll house where different rooms represented different experiences. I don’t know how it comes to mind, but it’s just about listening to the song and imagine.

You’ll be touring with “Thousand Below” and “Captives” during your European and UK tour. Is it your choice? Where did you meet them?

I don’t say too much about touring cause I’m focusing on the music side of things. It’s also very hard when a lot of bands wants to come along and I can’t say no, so I just let the others have those discussions. I know Captives manager and I’ve worked with them on their new album.

I’ve seen that we’ll hear you as you truly are for the first time. Will you still play old songs in the next tour?

Of course! It’s gonna be very hard to make a setlist tho…

Is there any date in discussion in Belgium? Are you already ready to tour? Is the setlist prepared ?

Sadly no. I think people should really get on a train to Cologne, that show usually is one of the best on the tour. We haven’t really started planning yet, but that’s gonna happen in the next month or so.

Is there any place you dream to play at? Any objectives or dream for the band?

Right now I wanna play Glastonbury, it’s the last remaining festival in the UK (correct me on this) for us to play after doing Reading/Leeds, Download, 2000 trees and Slam Dunk.

We let you the last words of this interview to tell anything you want to your fans but also to all our readers who discover your band right now?

Get vaccinated and we’ll see you in October!

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