Some time ago, I had the opportunity to go to the MCP Apache to attend a super nice evening of concerts.

I also wanted to thank Béa and Yoh for their warm welcome (as always). As for the groups, I also thank them for their great performance which allowed us, for a moment, to forget that it was the apocalypse!

For MCP events, see their Facebook page !

First things first, could you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Akos: Hey fellas ! We are the extreme groove metal band, Omega Diatribe from Hungary. A handful of crazy souls, escaping the ordinary. For more details you can check, if you are interested.

Omega Diatribe cover

How does it feel to be able to tour again ?

Hajer: It feels awesome man, we just LOVE to be on the road ! Not to mention that our current #LiberatingMadnessTour 2021 is one of the most successful yet. The crowd is just so awesome, and venues are mostly packed. We can’t be grateful enough to our fans that they’re coming to our shows in the middle of this crazy pandemic situation.

Tamas: Absolutely cool ! Being on the road again with my second family is always fun.

Akos: We’d just started to work with our new booking agency and we already had to postpone all dates several times. So, it feels a relief to finally be on the road again.

If you were to describe Omega Diatribe in a few words, what would you say ?

 Hajer: Power. Energy. Groove.

Tamas: Tons of beer.

Akos: Therapy, bulldozer, extra battery for life

In your music, I sense something Meshuggah-like, is one of your inspiration sources ? If not, what are your main influences musically speaking ?

Daniel: Actually, some of us are fan of Meshuggah, especially me because I’m a big fan of Thomas Haake. I would like to say that our main influences are ’90s groove-, nu-metal and some of the progressive/low tuned metal genres.

Hajer: Yeah, Meshuggah is definitely a favourite band for most of us ! But as time goes on, we tried to find our own path and leave the “Hungarian Meshuggah copy band” tag away. I think we started to find our own style on our third record ‘Trinity’ but where we got to the ferry is our latest record ‘Metanoia’. I think this record definitely has some special vibe which characterizes us as a band.

You’re in Belgium to present your latest album Metanoia, what’s the record about ?

Akos: Metanoia is an important milestone of our conversion as a band. I think this is the record where we finally have found our own ‘voice’. Actually, it is not a concept album, but it is built around our struggles with everyday life.

Omega Diatribe cover 2

If you were to recommend 1 to 3 of your songs for the readers to discover your band, which ones would you choose ?

Hajer: Let’s give it a few spins of ‘Parallel’, ‘You Can’t Save Me’ and ‘Trinity’. These songs reflect the best of our vibes. These tunes are some serious bangers on our live shows as well !

Tamas: My choices are ‘Divine of Nature’, ‘Global Fire’, and ‘Mirror Neuron’. I think these three songs show what’s Omega Diatribe in 2021.

Akos: Ok then I choose ‘Global Fire’, ‘Replace Your Fear’ and ‘Contrist’ to describe the band.

What can we expect from Omega Diatribe in 2022 ?

Daniel: I don’t know if I can talk about it, but we will be touring almost all year long, that’s for sure, if this fu… I mean this pandemic situation lets us to.

Akos: We have plans for other stuff such as new songs and a new music video as well. Let’s see what we can accomplish in the end.

 What are your own expectations for the coming year ?

Tamas: Tour as much as possible, we are trying to get to new places where we haven’t been before and take the band to a higher level.

 How do you feel about your show in Belgium ?

Hajer: We always love to travel to countries where we haven’t performed yet. This was our first show in Belgium, and it turned out absolutely fire ! The crowd really dig our live performance and they also support us by buying tons of our merch. We will definitely meet in the future Belgium ! See ya soon…

Akos: We had a really great time in Belgium with you guys. Thank you for the great welcome.

Any last words for our readers ?

Hajer: Thanks for every single one of you who supports the band through the years and keeps us alive ! It means a lot to us ! See you on tour and keep spreading our tunes !

Daniel: Never hesitate to bring us some local medicine and join us partying.

Akos: We see you guys from all around the world on our social platforms. We will try to get to you all and have a crazy party with you ! Keep safe and support live music.

Omega Diatribe live

Omega Diatribe pictures

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