Once again, for this 5th album, Oranssi Pazuzu takes us on a dark and psychedelic trip. Each part is fueled with a tense atmosphere and a black energy. Believe it or not a tempestuous spell has been cast and you might be stuck with it for a while . The Finns have pushed the genre (ed: metal) to its limits, mixing elements of prog rock, and especialy its subgenre : krautrock, with futuristic soundscapes to create their own style. But this time, they have also incorporated a big deal of electro influences. Thus, the quintet has gone deeper into the sound experimentations that defined them by building complex musical structures each listener has no choice but to bow to. 

Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin kynsi - Artwork


  1. Ilmestys 07:14
  2. Tyhjyyden Sakrame 09:19
  3. Uusi Teknokratia 10:20
  4. Oikeamielisten sali 08:12
  5. Kuulen Ääniä Maan 07:14
  6. Taivaan Portti 08:06

One can imagine reviewing such an intense listening is not an easy thing unless you just let your mind go.
Starting off with the mesmerizing and haunting « Illmestys » that makes us floating in the air, balanced by repetitive rhythms just before the guttural-sharp-voice brings us back down to some cruel reality. Then, « Tyhjyyden Sakramenti » builds an evermore dystopian sound. The third song « Uusi Teknokratia » seems to take place in an oniric place (in my eyes, this track would perfectly fit the science-fi movie “La Planète Sauvage” by René Laloux) but the dream won’t last long and shortly after we’re plunged into a chaotic mechanical hysteria. Speaking of « mechanical », the videoclip is a beautiful homage to German Expressionism and in particular the dystopian “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang.  « Oikeamielisten Sali » continues in this way, a dissonant violin gives rise to a profound anxiety. Followed by « Kuulen Ääniä Maan Alta » that starts with a continual hubbub evoking the endless horns honking in a busy city. The song is constructed by layers upon layers and the buzzing saxo makes it hypnotical. At the end, a melancholic synth broadens the cinematographic vibe. Ending with, as a grand finale, « Taivaan Portti » and its brutal and heavy beginning that slowly calm down as an organized chaos.

In its whole composition, « Mestarin Kynsi » is an haunted dream. It is in the same way thrilling and asphyxiating. I can’t help but think about “Magic Realism” to describe the feeling, because what we see is uncanny, yet familiar but also strange. Clearly, the band has a visceral and conceptual approach, but still, it comes from the heart, and what we’re listening to is purely authentic. I won’t developp any further on the mastering because I had the chance to see the band perform live a few years ago and the organic vibe can’t be felt the same way on CD. The further the band is growing, the more it gets famous, « Mestarin Kynsi » will be released the 17th of April by the geant Nuclear Blast.

The band will be playing live on the 3rd of October at the Magasin 4, Bruxelles (Facebook event).