Although this is the thirteenth edition of the Oug’Rock Festival this year, it is the first time I have been there. This small festival organized at the Seraing Cultural Centre takes place over two days and, rare fact nowadays, it is free!

On Saturday 14 September, the second day of the festival, Sercati‘s black metal (read their interview here) is in charge of waking up the troops. Unfortunately, I will miss their performance, but the feedbacks I heard are positive. So I start in the afternoon with another black metal band: Absolutus. They are from Liège and they directly impose a dark atmosphere with rather rich compositions. However, the musicians seem reserved on stage, even if the lead singer still makes one or two jokes between the songs. Moreover, the exchange of roles between him and one of the guitarists is quite interesting.


Knowing that summer is coming to an end, it is difficult to leave the heat of this radiant sun to listen to Ilydaen. Nevertheless, the effort is beneficial, because it is a pearl that is playing before us. Their music, partially instrumental, is original, thorough and superbly atmospheric. Having barely discovered this band, also from Liège, I am a little sad to learn that this is their last concert before a long time!


If you didn’t know that Black Bleeding was playing next, it’s because you’re probably deaf, because a few seconds before the show starts, the inescapable Balmuzette comes out of the room, equipped with a bell and simply wearing shorts, to give the alert. Then follows a wave of riffs, blasts and howling. If you’re not used to it, this explosive cocktail can be surprising. Enemies of dubious humour: run away! Unfortunately, for medical reasons, the bass player cannot be present, but his colleagues have ensured his presence through an interposed screen.


After this set flirting with the absurd, we return to something more serious in death metal with the French band Balance Of Terror. I had discovered this band in 2018, during the Dreamer Fest in Saint-Omer and I loved it. My feelings are similar tonight. Their sound is powerful, their riffs aggressive and precise and the musicians’ energy is communicative.


Der Rote Milan creates a completely different atmosphere. The Germans take us to the depths with their ambient black metal. It’s powerful but dark, haunting, almost frightening. The darkness and smoke accentuate this effect.


Now it’s time for a demonstration of old-fashioned technical death metal then with Pestifer who presents their new album, “Expanding Oblivion”, in its entirety. What a good energy: the musicians headbang in all directions to the sound of riffs of an almost surgical precision. The new songs are powerful and efficient, the last band from Liège of the evening offers us a superb performance. There is no official release date for this new opus yet, but I can’t wait!


I found Der Rote Milan dark, but Cirith Gorgor raises the level of a few notches: make-up, incense, satanic altar, animal skulls, blood… The Dutch are fully in their concept. But the music is no less bad, it is the opposite! I am completely transported by their music and cannot take my eyes off the performance. Bewitching!


As you will have understood, the results are still very positive for this event! In my opinion, the sound was very good and I have nothing to say about the lights. The atmosphere was great and it was really nice to see lots of little friends, as well as to meet new people. I love these kinds of festivals! Congratulations to the Oug’Rock for which I wish many more great editions!