For some time now, they have been getting more and more attention. We interviewed for you Spermain from Brutal Sphincter, a Belgian goregrind band who were awarded a place at the famous Hellfest festival (Clisson, France). From the underground to one of the biggest and most famous metal festival in Europe, how did they get there? Spermain tells us everything in this interview.

To begin, who is behind Brutal Sphincter and what is your job in the band ?

Brutal Sphincter is a band composed of 5 members, namely: Spermain (bass), GG Stalin (vocals with effect), Major Diarrhea (vocals without effect), Leopoold II (drums) and Corde Sensible (guitar).

In the band, everyone has its role. Personally, I take care of writing the music (bass + guitar) / structure of the songs, band management (distribution of tasks, meetings, etc.), booking, Facebook page, emails, management budget and merch (orders and shipments).

GG Stalin is responsible for collecting the information for the preparation of the concert (tech rider, hospitality rider, accommodation, etc.) and writing the lyrics for the songs.

Major Diarrhea also writes lyrics, is in charge of everything related to the use of Photoshop software (design, memes, flyers, banner, etc.), mastering (sometimes recording) of our songs and technical problems (live, internet, etc.).

Leopoold writes the drum parts, manages Brutal Sphincter’s Instagram and regularly relaunches festivals that have not anwsered our emails.

Finally, Corde Sensible helps me in the composition of the songs and manages the YouTube channel through the creation of content.

How did you come to create Brutal Sphincter, for what purpose?

The creation of the band actually emerged from a joke with one of the group’s founding (ex)members (Jason ANANIA). During our studies of social worker, we studied (too) often the psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud. In his theory, he talked non-stop about the anal stage and sphincter control. Therefore, we thought it would be funny to call a goregrind band Brutal Sphincter.

A few months later, the delirium saw the day. I was personally looking for a more extreme band than what the scene in Liège offered at the time. In addition, I wanted to be the creator so I could direct the project where I wanted… I never thought the band would work as well as it does.

Musically speaking, you define the band as a “POOlitical” goregrind band. The goregrind, I see what it is. What about “POOlitical”?

Truth be told, bands from this scene tend to always describe their goregrind with stupid adjectives. Generally, the themes of porno / gore grind revolve around everything that is fecal, sexual, sick or gore… Here, without denying where we come from (SHIIIIIIIIIIT), with our second album “AnalHu Akbar”, we wanted to change the game because we found the previous themes boring.

We think that goregrind must be shocking as death :etal was at before and as the style was in itself when it emerged in the 90s. What better way to offend people than to joke on sensitive political subjects like Islam, pedophilia, Nazism, etc. ?

However, even if the titles are extremely provocative, the lyrics behind them make sense. These are generally criticisms, observations or simply massive trolls. It would have been silly to provoke without wanting to make you think…

In addition, our lyrics should soon be uploaded to certain websites dedicated to lyrics.

Since the release of your second album “AnalHu Akbar”, the band continues to gain popularity. How do you explain this success?

First, there is the musical element. We have, I think, created a fairly unique form of goregrind. The song structures are quite complex and the riffs more or less technical compared to the rest of the scene. Then, we went to a professional studio (Blind & Lost Studios) which made us a production just as we wished. Add to that original themes and varied vocalizations and we get the Brutal Sphincter style. This is what allowed us to stand out in the scene.

However, music is not self-sufficient. The band’s image and reputation must be taken care of. It is important to be well perceived by the public and to build good relationships. It’s about creating a network.

Finally, add hours of networking and management, per week. It is a constant work that requires great assiduity. That’s why most big bands have managers… It takes a long time.

You did quite big scenes this year including the Obscene Extreme, one of the biggest festivals of its kind in Europe. What remains to accomplish or rather to conquer for Brutal Sphincter ?

We saw the OEF as a “springboard” scene. It was a very important show for our credibility among the general public.

This interview was sent to me a few months ago. At the end of December, I only find the time to answer it. A few months ago, I would have said that I would have liked to play big scenes like the Netherlands Deathfest, the Summer Breeze, the Brutal Assault, etc.

Not so long ago, we have been confirmed for Hellfest and for Netherlands Deathfest. While this is still surreal to us, we don’t want to stop there. We want to make our participation in mainstream events something regular. Other continents also remain to be conquered.

In terms of popularity, we would like to become a reference in style. What may seem a bit pretentious.

You released a clip rather “cartoonesque” but “trash” enough for the song “Make Goregrind Great Again”, what were the feedback about it?

About 4 months have passed since its release and the reactions have been gigantic… No less than 220,000 views, more than 16,000 likes, thousands of shares. This clip has allowed us to assert ourselves even more and gain a lot of visibility.

In addition to these advantages, the clip allowed the new Belgian talents of Shit Knuckles to be brought to the fore when it was their first video. We are also continuing to work with them.

What are your projects for 2020?

Play as many concerts as possible, gain popularity, create a lyrics video for our song “Autistic Meltdown”, clip “Prohibit Anime”, re-record one of the “cult” songs from the first album, create new merch and write new songs for our third album.

If there is one thing to remember from Brutal Sphincter, which one would it be?

Come and party at our concerts and have a drink with us. You will see, we are nice guys!

If you had to recommend an album or a band to begin the discovery of goregrind, which one would it be (apart from you of course)?

“Shit Beast” by Gutalax. Our friends of Gutalax are without doubt the most easily entry door to begin with Goregrind. Their music is simple, groovy, efficient and personal. Note, however, that they would be more likely to describe themselves as gore ‘n roll. There are actually few Goregrind elements musically speaking.

Albums like “Paraphelic Elegies” by Spasm, “Splatter Tekk” by Ahumado Granujo, “Keep On Smiling” by Rectal Smegma or “Gargle Cummics” by Rompeprop remain excellent alternatives. These are personal choices which benefit from good production and which have perfectly balance blast passages and more groovy passages.

A last word for our readers?

It would be nice to have more goregrind bands in Belgium. Go ahead and twerk on stage with us.

Photo par J.Huyssens Photography.

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