Brutality Over Belgium

Brutality Over Belgium

The Brutality Over Belgium is an organization aiming to promote the extreme metal oriented slam death, brutal death and goregrind in Belgium, by organizing, throughout the year, festivals and concerts in Liege, Charleroi and Peer.

It’s by bringing four goregrind groups and four slam death groups to the Garage in Liège that Germain Bodeus, Roy Feyen and Willburn Pothen created the first Brutality Over Belgium in March 2017. With bands like Gutrectomy, Craniotomy and Serrabulho from Germany, Slovakia and Portugal respectively, but also with smaller groups from the Netherlands and Belgium, the atmosphere was at its height.

Six months later, it is in Flanders, in Peer, that the second edition takes place. This time, not eight, but thirteen groups will play, and from around the world, with, among others, groups from the United States, Australia and Turkey. With bands like Ingested, Condemned, Cytotoxin or Teethgrinder, the world was always there, and so was the atmosphere.

Afterwards, several organizations followed each other. The edition of South 2018 with Gutalax headlining, where the profits were donated to Yohann Thibaut, following his serious car accident, where he was planned to play with one of his groups. The Brutality Over Peer, with Extermination Dismemberment, Korpse and many others. The concert of Vulvodynia in Liège, the release party of the new album of Brutal Sphincter with Spasm in headlining. The Katalespy concert, as well as the 7H.Target concert. And the 2018 North Edition with Within Destruction and Analepsy headlining.

It is since the southern edition, with Korpse, Carnal Diafragma and six other groups that Yohann Thibaut and Christophe Van Den Noortgate have joined the organization of Brutality Over Belgium.

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