Hellhole Project

hellhole project

The Hellhole Project is positioning himself as a partner so that young groups in search of places to perform can exhibit their talent. But not only the young ones ! The Project wants to be ambitious by completing his panel with renowned groups around the world for your – and our – greatest pleasure

The result of a long alcoholic evening and inspired by the dark words of a character who is so, the name of the Project comes from the comparison of our beautiful city of Brussels with a “rat hole”.

The rock / punk / metal scene is very active and a strong demand for concerts is a blatant element.

However, a large number of these are organized in Flanders or Wallonia. And what about Brussels? Find a concert and transport that can arrange a band of friends is not easy.
With this in mind, we have focused the Project in our beautiful capital to boost this region too often deserted by many groups, due to the lack of organizers.
And because the only true « hellhole » of Brussels is the pit lit by strobes and covered with beer!

Each concert reserves to the public a new theme, surprises and always a unique atmosphere!

Our philosophy is not limited to groups! The concerts of the Hellhole Project are done to be accessible to the greatest number, which is why we voluntarily keep the price of the entries and consumption as low as possible.

Moreover, after each concert we organize an after-party focused on the theme of the concert. During this after-party, simple and effective entertainment:
From a classic DJ set to the organization of Air Guitar contests or Beer-Pong tournaments

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