I’ve been wanting to discover Regarde Les Hommes Tomber live for a while. When I saw that they were on the bill of the Liévin Metal Fest just a few steps from home, I jumped at the chance. And just to let everyone enjoy it, I brought back some pictures.

On this Friday 11th March, the first day of the Liévin Metal Fest at the Arc En Ciel centre, a 100% black metal line-up was proposed. Au-dessus, a Lithuanian band, opened the evening and proudly displayed a Ukrainian flag on the stage in support of their neighbours. There was not much movement in this set, it was hard to make out the four musicians hidden under their huge hoods. The sound remains rather messy for my taste but Au-dessus still delivers a nice performance of about 40 minutes, perfect as an appetizer for the rest.

Throughout the concerts, the hall was truly plunged into darkness in order to fully appreciate the coloured light shows, sometimes red, sometimes blue, that animated the stage.

After a few minutes’ break, The Great Old Ones come on stage. We take it up a notch in terms of decoration: the band from Bordeaux have brought a superb backdrop covering almost the entire back of the stage as well as microphone stands adorned with the band’s logo. Cumbersome but original, in any case it gives a certain cachet to the set. Black metal atmosphere, the hoods are back! The sound seems to me to be a bit more clean than for the set of Au-dessus. It wasn’t easy, with three guitars we could have expected some imperfections, but The Great Old Ones are not at their first attempt. In short, a pleasant second set, for the moment it’s a faultless performance for the Liévin Metal Fest!

Second break, we quickly quench our thirst at the bar before the headliner. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber have been regulars on the French scene for the past ten years and you can feel their ease as soon as they arrive on stage. Each musician of the quintet shows a good stage presence and the permanent movements of the singer are not enough to erase the rest of the band. A good point! No backdrop here, but candlesticks have been placed here and there on the stage, it’s almost like being in a castle. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber is a sight (and sound) for sore eyes! I’m not disappointed, frankly. So what, I’ve seen choppy drummers before, but this one will stay in my memory for a very long time!

It’s past midnight when the last chord rings out to the applause of a satiated audience. The first day of the Liévin Metal Fest came to an end after a smooth black metal night. The next day, The Butcher’s Rodeo was the headliner, accompanied by The Amsterdam Red Light District and Vautours.

See you next year for a new edition!