Hello, how are you ? How do you feel about playing here today in Liège for the Warzone Metalfest vs 6K Fest ?

Dave Haley :
I’m great. This was one of the best shows of the whole tour so I’m glad we got to play. Not every band that was on the tour got to play it so I’m glad we were able to.

It’s your last show of your European tour and you had a show everyday during the February month until today.
It represents 23 shows in 9 countries. What is your secret to maintain this rhythm ? Aren’t you really tired ?

No, it’s easy. The secret is to not go out for too long. I think that you only get really burned out when you play like 45 shows in a row. 23 is easy ! Sometimes, no days off makes you tired like you said. But nothing you can’t just walk through. It’s easy once you get on stage and feel out again. And then sometimes you don’t feel normal until 10:00 at night. But that’s OK. I feel tired all day until we get ready to play. But that has to do with traveling itself and maybe sleeping in a situation that’s not as good as it would be if you were at home. It’s all good. We love it.

Is there anything that happened during your tour that you’ll remember for a long time in a positive or negative way ?
If no, what is your preferred show you’ve made and why ?

Oh Fuck Yeah ! You know it’s funny you say that. A lot of times in a negative way you remember things the rest of your life that happened on tour.
This one : a guy who is singing for Hollow World. He got thrown off of the bus and flew back home to Australia and they were almost dropped off the tour. They had to call JASON KIZER from Origin to fill in on one day’s notice. So you have to learn the whole set in twelve hours. I was on a plane. We played one show with Sarah; I was in London. It was amazing. Yeah. The guy who got sent home he was drunk, being crazy and… I guess got bummed out by the tour manager and the driver. Long story shortened. And he got sent home. BAM! Out of here.

Moi : So the band played without singer ?

One show, yes. Not as good but it was fine. It was better than not playing for them and they decided to stay and do whatever they had to do to finish the tour which is awesome. You know.

Good memories mostly just hanging out on the bus in the lounge and with the guys. A lot of funny jokes, a lot of funny stories. Nothing in particular stands out. Except for maybe…

A few in-house shows that wouldn’t be funny unless you were standing there you know. And all in all, you don’t realize how much you remember a tour until you have to recall it years later. So there’ll be things that are talked about on this tour. Two years from now where you say oh fuck I forgot about that. That was insane. The bus got stuck. It took for seven hours of rocking back and forth in a pile of mud to get it unstuck with a giant tractor and… Shit like that; you know! You laugh at this shit : It’s funny! As almost no one gets hurt.

Your new album “As The Kingdom Drowns” was released in November 9th, 2018. What is the story told in this album ? Is there any message behind that story?

OK , so …Jason, the singer, actually had a health scare. Maybe in .. 2017 where his doctor told him he wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol anymore and one of his kidneys was in trouble. So he was writing lyrics for the album basically while he thought he had cancer which it turned out not to be. Because of that, he was waiting for tests results. A lot of the lyrical themes are extremely dark and about the end of all things you know. So that’s where, basically, the title came from. It’s about the fall of humanity in general but it came from his mind, you know !

You’ve decided to made it onto Cassette and LP. Is it a personal choice ? Why ?

The Cassette was, I think, a choice of Dave the drummer or the record label themselves. People always say : “Wow, you have that!” But they aren’t bought in large quantities. So I think there’s a small amount of people who really like it.
A lot of people love the vinyl and they love the Big Four artwork but they just don’t have a way to play it or they hate carrying it around.

So C.D. still wins. But Yeah, It’s cool to see people buying music in any format.

I guess in a way, streaming is created to be a bit more environmentally friendly but … It’s nice to see people buying music one way or the other. The best thing you could do to help a band that’s on the road is buying merchandise from them.
No matter what you buy. That’s what furthers their career and that’s what keeps them alive.

We are coming to the end of the interview. Do you want to say something to our readers ?

The band is going to continue going in the direction of the last record sounded like. So hopefully if people dig it, they’ll come out and see a ton of new songs. We’ve done Australia and Europe so far … We’re doing the United States next. And then there’ll be a lot more of that in the next year so… Between US, Europe and Australia. We’re doing a time.

So I will not say a message so much. But if people like what they hear come see us because we’re doing the whole world circuit.

I just know people in the band has been around for 20 years but there’s still a lot of room for it to grow and everyone still loves doing it.
So hopefully we can just connect with the fans. Come see us! Come hang out! I’ll be here at the table (merch) talking to people!

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