During the Oug’Rock 2019 festival, I had the opportunity to meet the band Sercati and attend their performance which opened the second day of the festival. Sercati is not just a Black Metal band, it is a real universe that spreads in many ways: music, writing and visual. I propose you an interview of this very interesting local band. Do not hesitate to go listen to them and follow them on the various social networks.

First thing first, what is the concept behind the name “Sercati”? What is the meaning of “Sercati”?

Steve: The concept of the band revolves around the story of the Nightstalker. An angel descended from heaven to help humanity who has been abandoned at its own fate against Lucifer. We try to “spread out” on different media in order to spread as much as possible the story we narrate.

Sercati, it’s not only a band but also books, comics, movies … How do you do to manage such a project on a daily basis ?

Yan: Steve stopped sleeping many years ago …

Steve : Well, let’s be serious. The desire to discover new media or new ways of illustrating history is strong in all of us.

The book was the first step to transcribe the content of the lyrics into a more complete text. A real story much more consistent, allowing me to fill the gaps. Then, the short films and video clips followed at the beginning as promotional material and finally, I enjoyed myself behind the camera and the desire to try and go even further led me to launch this idea of longer film.

Comics is a kid’s dream to get back to my first inspiration, Batman.

The essential remains for me to keep in mind where I go so as not to lose myself. It is with this in mind that we created the related music projects:

– The Nightstalker (dark metal)
– Hezaliel (dark ambient)

What are your sources of inspiration (not only musical) to feed a universe as extensive as the one which revolves around Sercati?

Steve: The universe that revolves around Batman and the movies pertaining to him. Musically, I remain a great admirer of Satanic Warmaster and Sinister Frost.

Let’s talk about your performance at Oug’Rock, you open the second day of the festival, how did it go for you?

Really good, the sound was very nice and we got along very well. The context was very nice and the atmosphere in good shape.

During your performance, you use “actors” to play the roles of two of your main characters “the anesthetist” and “the Nightstalker”. In the long term, do you want to integrate other visual elements into your live performances? If yes, which ones ?

Yan : Obviously, we have a lot of ideas but it is always difficult to put everything in place. We would like to have more and more actors with us and an “urban” scene on stage contextualizing the city in which the events take place. We would also like to be able to project the drawings as well as some passages of our videos during the show.

Steve : Indeed, to find a way to go even further in the narrative of history in order to reach something more complete.

What do you think are the ideal live conditions for Sercati?

Simon : A receptive audience and good technicians listening to us.

Yan : Place on stage and especially getting along on stage.

Steve : Keep in mind to have a good time with the public and good technicians to listen to us.

Do you have an ultimate dream about the band? THE thing you would dream of doing with the band?

Simon : As a Belgian, step on the Graspop scene.

Yan : To be able to plan a tour abroad.

Steve : Find a way to combine music and story in the best possible way.

What have you planned for the coming year?

Steve : We have a lot of things coming together. We have in mind a second film and we started to play new songs and plan a new album.

A last word for our readers ?

That the Nightstalker look after you and do not hesitate to find us on our social networks …

I propose you a small musical extract to make you discover the band:

Photo: all rights reserved to Sercati

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