The Hellfest 2019 was also the meeting place for some groups that unfortunately did not play there. Among these, Sony from Balls Out took the time to answer our questions about his group and make us discover them! It’s with great humor that they advance and create their songs.

Do you have a band here at the Hellfest with whom you dream to share the stage?

The group I would have liked to play with on this poster … I discovered Tesla this morning: Terrible! Yesterday, I saw Whitesnake for the first time in live: big slap in my face, it was fabulous! The mainstages are dreaming. But scenes like “Temple” have an acoustics that put you in an atmosphere where you really feel your organs vibrate. And damn, that’s good! I just love it ! Frankly, all the scenes are equal. That’s wonderful !

Your album is titled “Let me in (I know someone inside)”, where does this name come from?

So this name comes from my initiative. If you want to know everything: I wandered as a good tourist in Paris and I went past a booth stand. I promise you ! On a hood, I saw these words and as we have this theme in our group, I called the guys and said, “Oh damn guys, I see that too much for an album!” At first I was not necessarily taken seriously but now here is the result: we laid the song that corresponds and we made the album. Like what we are bullshit! You can interpret it differently. Good after, it has a very clear connotation but it leaves a little mystery!

What are the themes addressed by the songs of this album?

It’s essentially ass, let’s be clear! We will say 75%. The rest is a bit of group life on tour, on the roads and in the band. The way to have fun and life at 100 per hour on the road. We’re not talking about Kant’s philosophy, it’s still rock’n’roll.

What is your approach to the design of this album compared to the previous EP? Have you changed your way of working?

We took a little more time on the composition. There are songs created entirely while on the EP there were tracks that were already existing that we reworked. There, we really tried to produce something that comes out of our training and we had a lot of weekly rehearsals to produce a product that suits us. We made the first EP as a business card: “That’s Balls out, this is the first name that comes out of nowhere, Nice, and it looks like this potentially” Really a first album where we put our balls and who represents us.

Of your albums / EP, what is your favorite song? and why?

I think it’s “let me in” because it has a pretty groovy side. There is a bass passage during the break that I like a lot. It’s a slow tempo for us we’re on the 75 BPM I think. In the spirit of “Black Sabbath” and you really want to shake your head on this piece. This is my favorite sound; it makes you vibrate! Even when we play again between us, we really have fun!

For this tour, you announce small surprises and a different show although remaining rock’n’roll, could you tell us more about these little surprises and how the show will be different?

We have small surprises in terms of visual show. For that, we must come to see us. And for the following months … Well, listen there, I put you in the secret, we are already starting to compose the second. We already had ideas, by making the first, on a future. We expect a big surprise by the end of the year on a piece that will come out in 2019.

You did the first part of Clutch soldout concert at the Elysée Montmartre, how was this collaboration?

– Sony
It was December 15 in 2018. It was fantastic! The environment surprised me a lot more than the people in front of you. This is the first big scene since it was 1200-1500 people. We, we leave a hole lost in Nice and it has put us well in advance. It was great! The room is sublime and when you come back, you see all these structures and you say to yourself, “Fuck, you do not have a room behind where we will play, we are used to that.” And no, we tell you: “You’re going to open for this group!” When they put you in the mood, they make the black on stage and it’s you who opens. It’s just magic! It’s really a consecration, a nice entry-level! It made us very happy and it made us take a lot of confidence and ambition to continue. We really had a public receptive and responsive. It was great ! After we made some nice meetings after the live so … A very nice experience!

– Moi
What kind of meeting?

– Sony
No, but people who came to see us. We met and exchanged maps, coordinates, etc … People who say to me: “The guys were great! We really liked!”, It’s fantastic, it’s really fun!

Do you have anecdotes of tours (funny or memorable) to tell us?

Funny or scary …. It was for the Hell session last year, we did the Hellfest off in 2018. We tanked a little on the highway. It was morning, the return by car, and we had to take all our stuff. Our drummer had to drive and we dozed off. The problem was that everyone was drowsy: the driver included. We were very scared and we were lucky! We took the guardrail at 130 per hour, it woke us all up! We did not sleep after we were all at the cleat. After bullshit, stuff that happens to all bands: a white, … It’s rock!

How do you see the future of Balls out?

I see it rather good, rather Bercy, Stade de France, things like that … (laughs) We have a lot of projects. Everything that revolves around us right now motivates us to continue and produce more quality. The future of the group, personally , I see it above … Must tap above! We have ambition and we need to develop a more professional character because we start to see that it works.

We arrive at the end of the interview. Do you have a message for our readers?

Already for readers who do not know us yet: If you like to listen to AC / DC, Kiss, Motörhead and all this atmosphere, you will love Balls Out! It’s our cam to us too and we produce very very similar things. And for all fans: I love you guys! (Laughs) No for all the fans: stay tuned, we have some very nice surprises to come and we are on the compo of the second!

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