A while ago, I had the opportunity to interview Slaughter Messiah on the occasion of the release of their latest album “Cursed To The Pyre”. Because of the confinement, it is by “interposed keyboards” that T. Exhumator, second guitarist of the band, took a some of his time to answer my questions about this new opus.

As a big lover of black thrash metal, I can only recommend that you let yourself be seduced by these guys whose music will make you grow studded balls (even if you are a chick) and worship Satan.

Interview Slaughter Messiah 1

Who are you and what’s your job in Slaughter Messiah ?

I am THOMAS (THE BLASPHEMOUS) EXHUMATOR, second guitarist of this band since 2012!

How did the band come about? What is its story ? What were your goals, your desires with this project?

SLAUGHTER MESSIAH “saw the night” around 2008. At that time, Rod Ironbitch Desecrator (guitars, dictatorship) and E. Sodomaniak (drums, perversion) wanted to create a black metal band. After struggling with obscure members, they realized that a bassist / singer / leader was what was lacking in this rotten band. They finally took it upon themselves to enlist SABATHAN on vocals and bass. The guy was already showing a solid CV due to his involvement in a few other cursed hordes (MORBID DEATH, ENTHRONED, DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION …).

The band finally took a more “old school” turn by wanting to celebrate the big names from the metal scene. It was felt in the style that shifted to something more like speed metal. Their idea was to rekindle the flame of pure metal – and kick ass alongside the devil. A first demo has emerged …

I traded my soul to the project in 2012, as they wanted to strengthen the edge of the guitars by adding a fourth member. They baited me with cheap beer and the promise of a wild nightlife. We released 3 EPS with this line up.

By 2015, Sodomaniak had gotten pretty out of control and was becoming a threat to his own integrity (physical / mental) and that of the band. John Berry (GAE BOLGA’s drummer) came to us from Flanders and quickly recovered the leather throne which is placed behind the Gatling.

Since then we have been traveling across Europe with our black / death / thrash metal and we have released our first album not long ago.

Interview Slaughter Messiah 2

Where did you get the idea of “Slaughter Messiah” as name for the band?

The two drunken founders wanted : “a name that doesn’t sting your ears.” The first nebulous singer / bassist proposed : “Infernal Messiah of Hell” (infernal and of hell refering to the same thing in my opinion). They would have stood out but the name might have been a bit too much, so they went for SLAUGHTER MESSIAH.

What are your musical (metal or non-metal) and artistic (cinema, literature or other) influences in Slaughter Messiah?

Our eight ears are sensitive to a lot of metal and non-metal creations; but within SLAUGHTER MESSIAH it remains clear: it is about the point G, equidistant between death, black and thrash metal. In short all the wildest extensions of primordial heavy metal like HOLY TERROR, HELLHAMMER, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, VENOM, MORBID ANGEL, SODOM, …

The band was relatively inspired by obscure works (especially at the time of Sodomaniak who was then lyricist). He was digging into Lovecraft, and also many horror movies. Personally, I am not that interested by these so-called cult works for “obscure lovers”. I especially like stories about exploration, adventure, contemplation, …

Like food, I love to listen to the specific music of the place where I am, all styles combined … It is part of the soul of the place. Finally, on the metal level, I am quite sensitive to Scandinavian black metal, and to extreme scenes from Latin America and Australia; these last two share the fury.

Now let’s talk about your latest album “Cursed To The Pyre”. First, what is it about? Is there some kind of common thread or story to this album?

Not really a common thread, it’s more of a collection of our wildest riffs, and texts that sprang up listening to the first rushes. In general it is about death, fire and chaos. I wrote the majority of the lyrics for this album. It is an ode to carnage, a stone in the edifice of extreme metal, stuffed with booze and flames.

Interview Slaughter Messiah 4

Did you keep the same recipe for “Cursed To The Pyre” as for your other productions or did you change certain ingredients? If so, which ones ?

We can say that the songs are more mature, and we see a more overwhelming touch of death metal. Overall we feel like we’re still dealing with the same band, but as a friend from POSSESSION says: we have withdrawn some “yeah!” to add “ugh!”.

The work with two guitars has been more thought out in order to create more (non) harmonies and depth. There are also a few slow parts, that’s new!

Finally, these are the first tracks on which John Berry can fully express himself, because he was integrated to the composition. His more old school game was able to eventually give some air to the songs and open new doors.

“Cursed To The Pyre” was released in February. Did you have the opportunity to play the album live before the lockdown? If so, what did you think of the album’s live rendering? Has the public been receptive to this new album?

Some songs were already played live (“From The Tomb”, “Pouring Chaos”, “The Hammer”, etc.). But other than that, we haven’t really had the opportunity to defend and spread the album during concerts. The official release show was due to take place in early April.

Before all this mess, we just had the opportunity to play in Eindhoven – with the album in our hands. Generally people seemed happy and drunk; and the merch table has drawn attention.

Interview Slaughter Messiah 3

What about the reviews and feedback received for “Cursed To The Pyre”? Do you pay attention to this kind of feedback or not at all and why?

Since its release, we have received many positive reviews about Cursed…! We know that this is the opinion of people who are not always objective, and at first glance sensitive to the style in question, but it is always a pleasure to read. It’s also nice to read those who didn’t like it, to find out why.

In both cases: some opinions are enlightened and enriching, they help you to look in the mirror and take a step back about it. And others are just rags!

What are your expectations for this album and the future of Slaughter Messiah?

The idea was to spread our humble achievement, and scour the bars and venues to tear each other’s mouth out and play violent concerts. We have a few dates that have skipped. We were trying to plan a tour in the Balkans and one in South America, but everything seems compromised for this damn year. A lot of bands are in this situation, but I think other entities and especially people are in much more real and crappy things than undoing a few whatnants.

I would say we will take the opportunity to devote ourselves to some selfcare. And also to design a little sister for “Cursed”!

In all of your music production, is there one particular song that you like more than the others? If so, which one and why?

It’s hard to say, on this album we like them all because they are new and the enthusiasm of our first full length is still vibrant. So I trust the listeners, which brings us to the song “Hideous Affliction”: that title has often appeared in reviews.

Thank to the confinement, we are almost all locked at home. If you had to recommend 3 albums to discover during this period, which would it be and why?

I recently listened to the last AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR (Havoc…) which is pure jerk off. To talk about Belgium, our buddies from BÜTCHER have released a massacre (666 Goats…) and also, have a look at TERRIFIANT and its eponymous album! I’m cheating, four, but I love the latest Misþyrming, don’t erase that, I struggled to find the “þ”!

And don’t forget to listen to MOTÖRHEAD !


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