MartyriuM is a Extreme metal band from Malta, formed by Count Mortem in 1999 with the spawn of the second wave of black metal. This band is a unique blend of Black and Death Metal with Sinister Orchestrations and Industrial Elements to the style. MartYriuM’s performances are both aggressive and theatrical, full of dark acts and occult imagery that will unleash infernal chaos from within your soul wretched. The live shows are particular in their rituals which can include anything from the Black Book of Baalzebub and spreading his plague of Darkness into the world, to calling Asmodeus while desecrating the stage with blood or graveyard dirt.

Martyrium is an established band for Europe, signed with label Art Gates Records and The Flaming Arts Booking and Management. More creating music, MartYriuM also contribute to the community by hosting festivals and events in Malta under the name


Mikaela : Vocals
Sandmist : Bass
Vulcanus : Drums
Count Mortem : Guitar
Erebus : Guitar
Úmarth : Synths


2002 : Withering in Voluptuous Embrace
2005 : Carnage Lit by Darkness
2010 : Awakening the Ancient
2016 : Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask


Sur l’album Prevail II, on retrouve la chanson « Let Me Love You » en deux versions : une anglaise et une japonaise. Comment vous est venue cette idée ?

En fait, il y a trois versions dont une acoustique, qui à la base était la démo. J’y étais tellement attaché que je voulais qu’elle soit sur l’album comme bonus. La version “hard rock” est venue par la suite. Nous voulions faire quelque chose de spécial pour l’édition japonaise et donc je me suis dit « Chantons en japonais ! » et c’est comme ça que nous avons fait cette version !



The underground years

All began at the end of the year 2004 when Heimdall creates an ambient/melodic one-man-band project named « DunkelNacht », tinkering with guitars, synths, computers and drum machines. He already composes extreme music and yearns for blackened metal… In 2005, a melodic/gothic trend album is produced with a decent sound : « Das Leiden für die Ewigkeit », a work performed by piano. At this time, Nygh Gaunt joins the project as vocalist and Heimdall decides to turn the « band » into extreme metal. The duo records an unsignificant first attempt called « Eradiction process ».

In summer, Heimdall meets Beowülf who joins the band as second guitarist. Real rehearsals begin and the trio works on a new musical direction. Heimdall composes some tracks and already thinks about the first album. Through the year 2006, Heimdall achieves in parallel « Gjennom Tidene Til Døde Guder », his second non-metal full-length that is more orchestral.

Early 2007, the trio becomes a quartet with the arrival of Alkhemohr as bass player in order to record the first official metal recording « Mass Grave / DunkelNacht » split release at LB Lab studios. Therefore, DunkelNacht becomes a real blackened metal band…

The debut album

The recording session of « Atheist dezekration » full-length starts in summer 2007 with Heimdall and Alkhemohr. Beowülf leaves the band due to musical differences. At the beginning of the year 2008, Nygh Gaunt changes his name into Exp:/13. DunkelNacht enters at Back to hell studios to mix instruments and record vocals. This year was focused on the hard labour of the album, achieved by trio line up Heimdall (guitars, drums programmings), Alkhemohr (bass) and Exp:/13 (vocals).

In 2009, Svarte joins the band for the second guitar and rehearsals go on. DunkelNacht plays local music scene for some gigs. Later this year, Exp:/13 and Svarte left the band due to a lack of motivation. However, Déhà (Deviant Messiah, Yhdarl…) joins immediately the project as vocalist. Now, DunkelNacht has its first album ready. The band starts to promote seriously « Atheist Dezekration » with this line up (Heimdall, Alkhemohr & Déhà), still looking for an extreme drummer to close the circle. Despite that, the band gets on stage for several blasphemic live shows in France and Belgium.

DunkelNacht bargains with M&O Office for management and distribution of « Atheist Dezekration » in 2010. In the wake of this deal Max Goemaere completes the line-up as drummer and the band continues touring and promoting the album till 2011. Frost replaces Déhà who give up the adventure in january 2011.

Revelatio album

A hard core is built around Heimdall, Alkhemohr, Max Goemaere and Frost during 2011. Each member works hard this year to put musical skills on higher level and produce a more reflexive second effort. Heimdall composes the music and Alkhemohr writes the lyrics. The recording begins in january 2012 and ends in summer at One shot studio after more than a year of hard labour. After a pre-production realized by Heimdall, the band works with Carlo Belotti (Worm Hole Death Records – Italy) and Wao from Realsound Studio (Parma – Italy) to perform final mixing and mastering for a killer sound production. DunkelNacht inks deal with Worm Hole Death Records in May 2013. « Revelatio » release is scheduled for January 2014. In november 2014, Frost is replaced by dutch vocalist M.C. Abagor and the band continues to burn the stage to defend this hymn of leading melodies, dissonant harmony and powerful rhythms. Stay in tune !



Heimdall : Guitar
M.C. Abagor : Vocals
Tegaarst : Drums
Alkhemohr : Bass


2007 – Split – Mass Grave / DunkelNacht
2009 – Split – The godless whoreship
2010 – Album – Atheist dezekration
2014 – Album – Revelatio
2016 – EP – Ritualz of the occult
2017 – EP – Anthropocenia