When everywhere outside it is the state of emergency and we try to exchange what remains of freedom against an appearance of safety, SIDILARSEN sets the table again, with on the menu nothing else than blood, sweat and tears and the pleasure is there, high as the first day, on stage as on record, within reach of decibels!

Chapter after chapter, the digital plants its roots in the ground, the machine humanizes, crosses with in sight the best of both worlds, ROCK and ELECTRO MUSIC, as an orgy of sound and sense to be taken in the face, with a crazy, fluid, positive energy and especially highly contagious.

The rhythmic section is irresistible, offensive and massive; the machines are tamed to blend into the landscape, the guitars slice in the snap but never forget the melody in the dressing room; the two songs complete and answer each other as never before, in both French and English, drawing as much from experience as from the observation of the world, from the furthest to the nearest, finely political or gently introspective; The production of Plum in the Studio «La Quadrature Du Cercle» (at the foot of the Pyrenees) is as it was before for “Chatterbox”, demential!

This is a Tulun Quintet united like the five fingers of the hand that has so much to offer and so much to share, calibrated for the road with over 600 concerts at their active and a show made of human, sound and image, fine-tuning the bottom and shape and developing its credo with their hands dirty, moving forward without ever denying himself, with a flow and a Pulse that definitely stick to the heart and to the body.

“Dancefloor Bastards,” the sixth album since the turn of the century, is 13 titles of 100% pure SIDILARSEN with as main theme : urgency, spontaneity, sincerity and generosity.



Didou : Vocals
Viber : Guitar and vocals
Benben : Guitar
Sam : Drums and samples
Fryzzzer : Bass and samples


Studio Albums
2003 : Biotop
2005 : Eau
2008 : Une nuit pour sept jours
2011 : Machine rouge
2014 : Chatterbox
2016 : Dancefloor Bastards

2006 : Réactivation numérique

Demos and EP
1997 : Sidilarsen (démo cassette)
1998 : Énergie nourricière
1999 : Verticalité
2000 : Émotion numérique
2012 : Personne pour nous retenir
2018 : DVD – Live In Bikini Dura Sidi