Cologne. I had not planned to drive two hours, even to see The Hu, which I had only heard about once or twice. In general, the: “What? You don’t know them? But it is a phenomenon, you must absolutely listen to them!” attract me very little. Well, I still decide to go see the band.

The Hu has attracted the gaze of the metal planet with a monumental “communication shot”: no one could miss “Yuve Yuve Yu” on their social medias. And miracle, by looking at the dates of the band, we realized that they were playing a little everywhere in the coming months. Very well seen!

The venue (Die Kantine) is spacious, but we are still very tight. To make up for this, and without understanding where it comes from, a fresh air arrives on the audience. Rather pleasant! The venue is proposing various activities (discotheque, cultural events in general, …), and it shows very beautiful exterior, in an industrial style. Big downside: drinks are very expensive! Count 4.50 euros for a beer, deposit included. Not necessary to say that we did not leave the place drunk.


But, after this little tour of the owner, let’s get to the heart of the matter! The Hu leaves me with a strange, paradoxical taste. A rather unpleasant feeling of unfinished …

A show in half shade

Overall, and not to hide anything, the show lacks power! One could say that it is the fault of the style, I think rather that it is the choice of the band to chain four very quiet song that leave something to be desired … The public was nevertheless excited and the atmosphere was very good. Which is very nice!

Traditional Mongol instruments (morin khuur, tovshuur and tumur khuur) were not heard enough. It is disappointing, considering it’s the band’s trademark. On the contrary, in scenic terms, they were too highlighted (RIP the bassist and the guitarist carpet in the shadow all the concert long). I expected a very tight-knit band, and finally I looked for interaction as a GPS looks for the right address. On the other hand, diphonic singing remains impressive and challenging!

In short, the concept is excellent, but it deserves to be further developed, for example through the promotion of traditional percussions, or even through stage settings (there were none so to speak). My main fear about The Hu is that the audience will turn away from music that could become weary. The future will tell us if the band manages to solidify its fanbase while renewing its music.

The Hu took me on a journey, but a bit of a wobbly journey …

Valentine Cordier

The band @ "Die Kantine"