We found the treasure of a Belgian leprechaun and he was in Liège!

Let’s start at the beginning: the cover, sober and efficient with its catchy slogan: “Irish Punk From Liège”. The logo perfectly reflects the style of the band both in terms of colors and design with its Celtic shapes and the clover in the center. No risk of bad surprises during the listening!

The music is catchy and will not leave you unmoved. You will be taken by the desire to get up, to create a pogo by dancing the jig! Several members put their voices on those songs which brings a presence and an effect of cohesion: everybody touches everything and is not limited to a single role. It is therefore impossible in my opinion except for some instruments to say “He’s the guitarist, he’s the singer, she …” and so we have the impression to see / hear a group more than some people precisely. Finally, the song perfectly matches the punk side and the use of instruments such as flute, bagpipe and violin bring the Irish side of this style of music.

Do you like what you hear? So go see them live because on stage it’s even better than on CD! Their overflowing energy can contaminate you without even paying attention to it. Impossible to see them stay on the spot and we even come sometimes to worry about their health.
For the little anecdote, at the last concert where I saw them, the bassist jumped so much that the scene was shaking, moving all their equipment and one of the guitarists, jumping too, has almost fallen … Fortunately that it was only 30 cm high! In conclusion: pity that the album has only 4 tracks because we would have enjoyed more than twenty without tiring!