I am happy to be back at the « Metaldag » of the Lokerse Feesten for the third year in a row. The line-up seems pretty soft this year, but with a great weather and good company, it’s enough to have a great time.

The festivities begin in the late afternoon with the Belgians of Brutus and their aggressive rock. This trio, which is in the middle of its ascent, is led by a singer, Stefanie, who also plays drums. It’s not common, but when I see her, I can’t help but think of Jen Ledger from the aband Skillet who plays the same roles. Concerning Brutus, their sound is very good and the whole set is energetic and powerful. Even if the songs sometimes sound redundant to me, it is still a good discovery.

Then, I am a little skeptical when I see the musicians of Zeal & Ardor taking place on stage, they are looking so serious. I have heard a lot about them, but I have no idea what to expect. But when the three singers make hear their voices, the magic happens immediately and I understand their success. Indeed, I have the impression that Zeal & Ardor really brings something new to everything that is done on the metal scene. These dark choirs, deeply imbued with blues, on an atmospheric background that flirts with black… It’s a sure thrill!

After this timeless performance, we move on to familiar territory with Life Of Agony and the unstoppable Mina Caputo. Today, although she communicates wonderfully with the audience throughout the songs, she is rather wise between them, leaving the role of animator to the guitarist. Anyway, even if we’ve already seen more explosive shows, the set is clean and has a lot of punch.

Let’s go with Alestorm to continue, which we have also known more stirring. Same on the public side, a little more shy than usual. Would their concept run out of steam? Never mind, it’s always fun to hear their hits while drinking beers.

Now here is Europe, these rock grandpas who, for the majority of people, have made only one hit. However, they have a great discography to their credit that they do not fail to stir throughout their hyper energetic set. The singer, Joey Tempest, is particularly fit and does not fail to occupy the space by demonstrating his flexibility and by twirling his microphone stand at all times. It will take a dozen titles to arrive at the most expected moment of the evening… I am of course talking about “The Final Countdown” whose incomparable intro makes the whole assembly scream. This unifying moment perfectly concludes the concert.

We stay in the past for the grand finale of this “Metaldag” with the legendary Scorpions. The band has been on farewell tours for almost ten years now and the concept works perfectly. However, even if it is still a pleasure to see them and listen to their greatest hits live, I think it may be time for Klaus Meine to retire. Indeed, even if the musicians are always in great shape, the singer seems tired: he hardly moves on stage, his voice is weak and sometimes false. I thought it was sad, actually. Apart from that, I still had a good time and had a lot of emotions.

Finally, while the festival plain is empty for the most part, it is still possible to extend the party a little longer in the company of DJ’s Goe Vur In Den Otto who play our favorite songs, all styles and all times combined until the rain calls us to order.

What more can be said except that this festival day was once again very positive? Nice line-up, good sound, good atmosphere and good friends. The eternal downsides are on the bar side: the drinks are still too expensive (but we still drink) and there are still no reusable cups. And yeah ! I almost forgot, but : if there’s no pictures of Scorpions, it’s because there was a shortlist ! Too bad !