Wintersaga, the new album of Wind Rose was released on September 27th. Francesco, the singer of the band answered our questions about this album, the band, their music videos and the way they work on their albums.

Hello, how are you ?

Fine, thanks!

Where did you get the idea to create a band mixing JRR Tolkien’s stories with the power metal? And why did you call it “Wind Rose”?

To be honest, nothing was invented. We are huge fans of Blind Guardian and we followed their path, with original stories at the beginning and more into Tolkien later. Wind Rose gave us a sense of freedom, and it’s very easy to remember, so that’s it 😀

For the lyrics, how do you create them? Do you inspire yourself on his stories or his universe to create them?

I use to get inspired by Tolkien lore / Myths and legends to write my lyrics, and I gave to the stories a personal vision of them.

Regarding the new album: “Wintersaga” which came out on September 27th, what are the lyrics about? Is there a story behind?

“Wintersaga” whole album is around the dwarven lore by Tolkien and other fantasy lores, something from ancient pagan myths and legends as well.

We find in this album a special song from the Internet: Diggy Diggy Hole. Why did you pick up this song? Have you had feedback from its original writer: Yogscast?

We had the idea to make it for years, a lot of people requested it even live, so we caught the moment to crash into the major music business like a hammer to the anvil. Obviously we found a deal before with Yogscast and we started to rearrange something that was already funny and powerful. It was hard to match the original, but we surely did it.

Have you changed your way of working regarding the latest albums?

Nope, the way we work is the same: me, Claudio (guitar) and Federico (keyboard) in front of a computer with instruments and beers. The result is and will always be what we are in that moment, as long as we live. We experience, we change and our ideas/style change as well.

How is the collaboration with Napalm Records compared to previous labels?

Napalm Records for us is the best deal we can have, they have a name and the means to make us grow up. This is what we looked for in the past as well without success or with lack of means to grow, until we reached the world of professional music industry.

Is this your ideas found in the music video or have you been advised? If you have been advised, by whom? How are the recordings generally? How long do you take to shoot each clip?

At the moment, all the videos that you can find on YouTube were managed and “invented” by us. But the experience and talent of Tommy Antonini helped us a lot to explain what we wanted to show in our videos. Usually all the shoots for one clips take around 2 days, it depends what we have to do and where we have to go.

I had the good fortune to watch your clip “Drunken Dwarves”, some scenes seem unrealizable (or complicated) to return if it misses. Was not it too complicated to record?

It is. We did all as first take because we messed up an entire tavern so we were not able to clean all and do it again :D, as I said our video maker knows what to do, it’s important to have professionals around when you are doing something that has to be perfect (or close).

For those who do not know you yet, which song would you recommend them? Is this your favorite? If no, which one is it?

I recommend to listen the whole album, but spend more time on the songs that didn’t came out as singles because there you can find tons of details that you would love.

We leave you the last words of this interview to say what you want to your fans and to our readers.

Glad to have answered your questions, and I hope to see you all when we will play in your countries ;)!

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